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For The Love Of Food - The World Gourmet Summit, Singapore 2016

March 29, 2016
World Gourmet Summit, Singapore

If you’re looking for a reason to step out of your house and travel the world, you don’t need to look beyond food. A few years ago travelling for the love of food might have sounded ridiculous, but not anymore! One only needs to look at their Instagram feed to realise that food travelling is now a reality. If you’re eager to hop on this new trend train, then Singapore’s World Gourmet Summit offers you the perfect opportunity. A good reason to put your Singapore visa to use.

Started in 1997, the idea behind this summit was to showcase and promote Singaporean cuisine and dinning; as well as give a chance to some great Michelin star chefs from around the world to showcase their culinary skills. And now this summit is back with a bang for another year. There’s an Irish proverb that says “Laughter is brightest, where food is best” and you’re sure going to be hearing peals of laughter ringing through the streets of Singapore in April.

World Gourmet Summit, Singapore

This summit that goes on till 24th of April will see some of Singapore’s top restaurants like Bacchanalia Singapore, Hua Ting Restaurant, Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare, Majestic Restaurant and Tippling Club showcase special menus curated by culinary icons from around the world.

That’s not all, the summit also has food workshops, which you can go attend. If all that talking and gushing over good food leaves your throat parched, they even conduct wine tasting sessions, where you can quench your thirst.

If food is your passion, then Singapore’s World Gourmet Summit 2016 is where you need to be. Here you don’t just get to gorge of the choicest of dishes, but also get a chance to learn and expand your knowledge about the world of food.

Author : Sanjana Sule