You Will Love This! Art Exhibition In Sydney.

April 14, 2016

Cockatoo Island Arts Festival
No matter if you can hardly draw a flower, no matter if creativity is not your cup of tea, no matter if you cannot think beyond the given, art is for everybody; as much as for those who understand as for those who don't. For appreciation comes from the heart. The 20th biennale of Sydney has arrived on the Cockatto island. The Harbour Trust welcomes Australia's largest contemporary visual arts event every two years, and this time it's at the Cockatto island. The sole purpose of this exhibition is to establish a platform where creative and extraordinary work of arts from all around the world can be showcased. The Cockatoo island, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a place in the middle of Sydney Harbour, and is easily the best around. The visual arts event couldn't have been hosted in a better place than this, but however, things don't last for long. This event runs from the 18th of March to the 5th of June. If you're holidaying around, don't forget to stop by. And if you haven't made plans already, save yourself and your travel saathi from the vacationless summer, and  book an air ticket, get an Australia visa, and make life happening!

The Giant Bubble. 

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When life trims you, it reflects something more beautiful. 

Sit back and relax under the colour canopy. 

The visual challenge

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Art is not what you understand, it's what you don't. 

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How cool is that! Symmetry goals. 

Author : Leeba Thomas