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Zipping Across Town

February 3, 2016

HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani

Here’s HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani, Co-founder and Chairman of, sharing his experience of zip lining.

Have you ever been through this experience: being accustomed to seeing your class room a certain way, and one day when you’re punished and asked to stand on the bench, the class suddenly looks different from above. You suddenly notice the corners that your eyes never bothered to explore. The cob webs in the nooks and crannies, the up close view of the blurring fan blades, the tiny bald spots on each one’s head, everything you see, seems different. If that tiny level hike gave you a new perspective, imagine what a zip lining experience could do to you! Dubai tour packages without the XLine, is totally incomplete. Make sure you grab the opportunity!

Dubai’s XLine has been making quite a buzz these days. It gained well deserved publicity when the crown prince of Dubai HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, zip lined through through the XLine of Dubai. Since then, the daredevils have been lining up at the XLine to allow their bellies to churn in excitement.

With your heart rate reaching a new rhythm, and your mind hosting a million thoughts in a split second, you will behold a new sight of the same glamorous Dubai above the ground while practically gliding over the Emirate.

This beautiful journey begins from the rooftop of the Burj Residences Tower 3 to the top of Dubai Mall. In the most amazing 40 seconds of your ride, the Dubai Mall, the breathtaking Dubai Fountains, and the ever magnificent Burj Khalifa, and the downtown of Dubai will glide through your racing vision, and that sight will stay with you for ever. While the excitement blinds your senses, safety is an unsaid concern that lingers at the back of your head. With the expert team of Dubai’s XLine, your safety is never at stake. There is no good enough reason to avoid such a great experience. If fears come in the way, fight them: for this is worth a chance, and chances are worth taking. Don’t hold back, let free, you’ll love it!

Video Courtesy : Moe Al Thani - Facebook

Author : Leeba Thomas