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    Nepal - a country along the Himalayan ranges, an abode to the eight tallest mountains of the world out of ten, and the birthplace of the enlightened - Gautam Buddha. China lies to the north of Nepal, and India to its south, east, and west. Apart from the astounding Mount Everest, and a remarkable number of world heritage sites, Nepal boasts of a rich wildlife, and it takes pride in its diversity of faith. That isn’t all! Seek, and you shall find; begin here: Nepal tour packages.

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    To do justice to your wanderlust, we have our best sellers designed just as you like it. Take a glance, we have everything you need.

    Best Time to Visit

    The best time to visit Nepal depends on what you’re looking for as a traveller. Nepal experiences seasons like winter, spring, autumn, summer, and monsoon. The winters fall between December and January, and it gets pretty chilly. For the brave hearts who can face the cold, Nepal will be a complete different experience. Spring time falls from February to mid April, it gets warmer, and is ideally the best time to pay a visit to the wildlife. The summer stretches from mid April to June, and the heat may bother you. Monsoon here stretches from mid June to September. This is the most awaited season here. Nepal blooms in happy colours, both man and nature alike.

    The choice is yours to make. Whichever season you choose, Nepal will definitely be a beautiful experience.

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