15 off beat things to do in Goa!

15 off beat things to do in Goa!

Roshal Mascarenhas, September 10, 2015
Hospitality lies in the tradition of Goa.

We've all had Goa on the most searched bar of our personalized Google homepages, and also on the top of our bucket lists. When better than now can there be, for you to book your air ticket, and hop on to that flight to Goa. We all have been researching on this beach heaven and by now, know enough about Baga, Bascilica of Bom Jesus, fort Aguada and all other treasures that Goa holds. But do you know of the Goa beyond its sun, sand, and shacks??

We bring to you the other, lesser-known side of Goa. A side we bet you didn’t know of.

15. Find the Portuguese styled boards

These are only found by those who have an eye for detail. We challenge you to find atleast five in the central party region of North Goa. We found ten!

14. Get tattoed

get tattoed

Worry not! These tattoos do not mean needles and ink. These 75 rupee worth tattoos have just enough ink to fade off within a month! Get a custom-made tattoo and engrave within it all the sinful indulgences that you undertook while in Goa.

13. Watch it or wreck it

Watch the crocodiles at the Cumbarjua village of Goa. Under the guidance of an expert, explore (from a safe distance of course!) the thick mangrove jungles which are known to be full of crocodiles.

12. Ayurveda Indulgence

Located 8 km from the center of Ponda is Keri, a village in Goa famous for its ayurvedic treatments. What can be better than a Goa holiday with some holistic healing?

11. Cave hunting

Not many visiting Goa know about the Goan caves. The notable ones are the Arvalem, Lamgau, and Rivona caves.

10. Eat some Sorpotel

While in Goa, eat as the goans do! Everyone who visits this beach heaven will come back having savored bebinca or doldol, but- very few dare to indulge in the spicy dish of Sorpotel. Do you have it in you to take on this spice-infused dish?

09. Take a walking tour of Old Goa

walking tour of old goa

Let your intuition play the compass for your journey, as you wander down the lanes of Old Goa. Let this unknown territory spill its secrets to you, and who knows, you just might uncover a new mystery.

08. Butterfly Conservatory of Goa

Spread over 4000 sq meters, there are free-flying butterflies that form a palette of colors, aimed at protecting Goa’s endemic species.

07. Visit Budbudyanche Talli

Imagine a normal-looking little pond that makes bubbles if you clap or even whistle near it. Fascinating isn't it? And that's exactly why you need to put this on your to-do list the next time you book your Goa package.

06. Go crab catching

crab catching

What's the best part about befriending a local in Goa? You get to row in their family boat and learn how to catch crabs in the safest way possible! Don’t believe us? Make a local friend and ask them to teach you how to use the ‘kobblem.’ You will be left speechless.

05. The devil's canyon

As mesmerizing as it looks, the story behind how it got its name is even more mysterious. It is said that the devil had control of all the fishes in the canyon until he was duped by a local who stole the fishes. From then on, absolutely no one can fish or even swim in these waters, due to its unnaturally strong currents.

04. Kayak in the Goan Backwaters.


Enjoy nature at its tranquil best as you row across its charming waters.

03. Shop at the night market.

Night market

If you’re looking for knickknacks to decorate your home with, what better than a souvenir from Goa that allows you to boast about your bargaining skills? Beware, this bargainers paradise is in its full form on Saturday nights.

02. Attend cooking classes in Siolim

What’s better than eating Goan delicacies? Cooking them! Learn how to cook not only native Goan dishes but also dishes that blend the Arabian and Portuguese cooking techniques, from excellent instructors at the Siolim cooking school, which is a distinguished part of the luxurious heritage hotel - Siolim House.

01. Stay with a host goan family

They say there's nothing like the Goan hospitality. You can see it for yourself when you stay with a nice, happy little Goan host family.

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