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5 Pocket-friendly international destinations for your bucket list

April 5, 2017
Beautiful places

Travel and expenditure have, since time immemorial, been intertwined and this has been a cause of discouragement towards travelling for many. Unfortunately, this particular reason has also kept people through generations away from even contemplating on an international trip. But it is time to chuck this fear away by treating it on par with the rest of the bunch of old wives’ tales. For the situation has altered over the years with flourishing tourism industry, developed connectivity and increased purchase power of the overall public. Today it is relatively easier to go on a weeklong trip to a foreign land whether alone or in company.

Here is a list of places where you can plan your first or next international trip that are low on budget without compromising with the degree of contentment of a traveller. Read through the end, pick a favourite and book a flight ticket to treat yourself with what you truly deserve.

1. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

If you can make a solemn promise to yourself to practice fundamental frugality then Dominican Republic can come well on the top spot. There is no doubt that it is stunning place that is bountifully blessed with an greenery that is present across the length and breath of the land. For the food you can go to the ‘Comedor’ which is a local eatery where the prices are invariably on the lower side. Consider the ‘Guagua’ for transport. In fact there are some hostels where the lodging as well as the food is cheaper with coffee and WiFi freely available.

2. Cambodia


With its tumultuous history put behind, Cambodia has successfully emerged as one of the most preferred international destinations in the South-East Asian region. When we think of Cambodia, our attention at once gravitates towards the UNESCO recognised Angkor Wat but there are many other things to explore here aside that. For Cambodia what fits best is the backpacking style thus beginning a low-budget journey to another international destination. Lodging here is extremely cheap and food is cheaper than that. But if you find hotels or the likes of it more suitable then you will glad to learn that there are many hotels that offer good services at an affordable prices.

3. Republic of Panama

Republic of Panama

One of the most beautiful places about the world, the Republic of Panama is a fitting low-budget destination for you. The country is a famous tourist destination for its popular city the Panama City which is also a great option to settle down on the similar ground. Located in Central America, the country has an attractive night life. The place with all its amenities is not really beyond one’s affordability and lodging as well as food is on the cheaper side.

4. Ireland


Ireland is another cheap trip for you. The prices have recently witnessed a downswing resulting into lowering of flight prices as well as other things. Moreover, if you head for the rural parts of the country, the cost will dip further making the total budget more pleasantly affordable for you. On the other hand, there are quite a few things that you can explore in Ireland free of cost.

5. Budapest


Situated on the bank of the gorgeous river Danube, Budapest is not only an exceptionally beautiful European nation but is also pocket-friendly. Both lodging and food are not only of a good quality but are also easy on the pocket. In fact even the price of a glass of beer is really cheap!

Author : Satarupa Hajra