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Did Malaysia Copy Indian Cuisine And Make It Better?

May 2, 2016

Malaysian Food
“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for soul.” Good food is sensual; it appeals to all the senses of your body. Malaysian cuisine draws parallels from its Asian neighbours. It is a potpourri of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Bornean cuisines. Evidently, you can see a great influence of Indian culture in their cuisine. We couldn't help but bring out the striking similarities between the two splendid cuisines.

Presenting you some lusciously scintillating Malaysian dishes that have a stark resemblance to the Indian cuisine.

1. Ikan Asam Pedas v/s Kolkata Macher Tak

Ikan Asam Pedas v/s Kolkata Macher Tak
Ikan Asam Pedas is a fish curry getting its spicy and sour flavours from the Malaysian chilli and tamarind juice. It’s akin to the famous Bengali dish called Macher Tak minus the demure hint of mustard.

2. Roti Canai v/s Kerala Parotta

Roti Canai vs Kerala Parotta
The name says it all! Roti Canai is a Malaysian flatbread influenced by the Kerala Parotta. Watching the preparation of Roti Canai is as much of a treat as eating it is-- it is tossed continuously on a flat surface until it is paper thin and folded over in layers.

3. Satay v/s Dilliwale Kebabs

Satay vs Dilliwale Kebabs
Satays are nothing but kebabs with an authentic Malaysian twist. The meat garbed in a heavenly mixture of spices cuts through the wooden skewers liberating a rush of flavours.

4. Laksa v/s Ladakhi Thukpa

Laksa vs Ladakhi Thukpa
Laksa is a coconut-based soup made with the goodness of noodles combined with a rich combination of vegetables and meat. It is very similar to a Ladakhi thukpa sans the coconut flavour.

5. Popiah v/s Kati Rolls

Popiah vs Kati Rolls
Doesn’t it look just like kati rolls? You bet! But the wrapping is nothing like it - it is cooked like a dosa, filled with a goodness of vegetables, meats and sauces.

Deciding which one's better is a tough choice, isn’t it? Get yourself a Malaysia visa and bring out the critic Masterchef in you.