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March 8, 2016

Kerala Houseboat
The soul that wanders is a soul that’s content. To have seen many seasons, to have set foot on foreign lands, and to have lived many lives in one, is a life with many colours. The idea of a happy life will always remain debateable. But I’m sure you’ll agree that happiness is always momentary, it’s up to you to seize the moment and feed on it forever. Everyone has their own pattern of working, and their preferences, and lot of times that applies to holidays as well. They carry that along and end up having a rigid, non-experimental, very tourist like holiday. Well, there is no harm in going along that path, but the world is better seen when the heart speaks and the mind listens. One among many such experiences is, lodging up in a boat house. It’s about doing, seeing, and living things differently. And what better place than Kerala!

Houseboats, the perfect dream place one can ask for. The blue skies above, and the tranquil waters below, a window that opens to the vast calm sea, and so much greenery at once, if this fails to describe bliss for you, a stone indeed is what you carry in the place of a heart. Kerala is known for its picturesque landscape, and the credit must be given where it is due, and I feel the house boats sensed it and have taken it in its positive stride, one can’t deny that everything looks like a dream. Don’t hold back, don’t save it for tomorrow, do it whilst you can. Convince yourself, pack your bags, and let the Kerala tour packages make your decision worth cherishing. Scroll below to behold some amazing house boats and find yourself drooling over the thought of a pleasant evening in the house boat.

Sometimes, the blue skies and the clear waters is all the company you need.

kerala backwaters

Home feels: 100%

Interiors of a house boat

When nature beckons, even the strongest succumb.

kerala boat house

Let your soul feed on the serenity while you feed your belly

houseboats in kerala

When this is the view,life is good indeed!

Kerala Houseboat

Beauty on sail

kerala tourist houseboat

A well furnished kitchen in a houseboat? Luxury at its best.

kerala backwaters boathouse

Sip some wine, and chill.

Kerala Houseboat

Author : Leeba Thomas