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Places to propose in Australia

January 6, 2016
Places to propose in Australia

If you rewind in your head, you’d come across hundred different ways of asking your lady love, that one question, that you’d have thought over, and researched a zillion times. Why all the thinking, why such a big deal it is? If only one could tell! Some make it grand, some simple. All that matters is, the day be made special, to be remembered even when the memory fails in the grey of age. If you’re that Romeo who wants to make it special and unique but has no clue whatsoever, keep calm, and scroll on. With these ten amazing ideas, we have you covered. Also, these places are all in Australia. If you want it to be a well planned surprise, just plan a holiday to Australia with your lady love and she wouldn’t see it coming at all. Think it through, you’re just an air ticket away from that lovely moment. These places would also work best if you decide to go on a honeymoon here. Whether to propose or to go on a honeymoon, these amazing places will never disappoint you.

Ashcombe Maze

Don't you think that this place is just the right place for a proposal? This place is a perfect significance of any relationship. As you’d take her by the hand and walk through the intricate maze, you’d look back and reflect, you’d realise how far you’ve come inspite of the ups and downs. Just begin the journey with the memories of how you met each other, and take her down the memory lane as you move forward in the maze, and go down on your knee asking her to be your companion in the long race of life.

Whitsundays Queensland

Whitsundays Queensland

How do you think she'd feel when you’d fly her above the heart shaped island and ask her the question she'd been longing to hear? Do you see her overwhelmed face? Well, then make it happen. It’s time you used God’s creativity to your benefit.

Mount Kosciusko


How about going breathless trekking up the snow clad hill only so you could make her speechless? Not a bad idea, right? Imagine going on your knee, looking down upon the beautiful world beneath, and asking your lady love to be yours forever. It would make her feel on top of the world!

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Skyrail-Rainforest- Cableway

Surprises are best given when they are least expected. What would seem just as an adventurous cable ride, could turn into the most memorable time of your lives. As the wire would take you from one end to the other, the cords of your hearts will measure new lengths.

Hot Air Balloon Hunter Valley

Hot Air Balloon Hunter Valley
Be a true romantic. Grab this opportunity with both hands. With such a setting, half your work gets done already. Sailing mid-air, with the sky and the earth being the witnesses to your love, nothing can get better than this. True love deserves this pampering.

Sal Salis Ningaloo reef

Take a champagne, pitch a tent, and set the mood. This place is perfect for a romantic date, the highlight being the view. Watching the sun go down, with champagne, and your loved one, the only thing incomplete would be a finger without a ring.

Brisbane Queensland Story Bridge

Brisbane Queensland Story Bridge

This bridge has witnessed many ‘I do’ s , and why wouldn’t people do so, it’s such a grand and magnificent spectacle. The Story Bridge Adventure Club has the perfect arrangement you’re looking for. They have a well hidden engagement ring device that allows you to spring the ring at the bridge summit.

Noosa Gondola Ride

Noosa has everything you need for a romantic proposal. It gives you what Venice has. The beautiful Gondola ride, and the spirit of love makes Noosa irresistibly romantic. Take that ride, and sip some wine. When the mood is right, ask your lady bright, “will you be my wife?” The rest would be a beautiful history.

Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat

The Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat, is one among the many beautiful places that melts your heart. The beach caves seem to be here so that they can let love kindle in the warmth of their hollow. Set up a beach date and let your love bloom into a bond of commitment.

Red Centre- Alice Springs Helicopter

What would seem like a normal chopper flight that the two of you would take to behold the beautiful world below, can turn into moment that you will cherish and celebrate all your life. For when you both would look down upon the big vast world below, you’d know that you’d want to live life with this one person for the rest of your life. Flying with Alice Springs Helicopter would solve your problems as they know how to take care of the arrangements to make your day special.

Author : Leeba Thomas