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Couples Are Freaking Out Over These Cool Things To Do In Mauritius

June 30, 2016
Honeymoon in Mauritius

Calm water, cobalt seas, appealing landscapes, cultural fusion along with warm hospitable islanders is what you will find when you holiday in Mauritius. Truly an ideal place for honeymooners and a real treat for those romantic at heart, Mauritius is a perfect destination with an eternal amorous aura.

Lover’s romantic retreat

A complete escape for the body and soul, this is an ultimate experience for you and your loved one. A romantic couple spa in a even more romantic atmosphere. This spa offers a blend of best of ingredients and treatments with the latest technologies combined with the power of human touch.

Sunset Catamaran Cruise

There cannot be a better way to enjoy a vacation than on a cruise. A perfect romantic way to express your love - your hands are in your lover’s hands, and the sky and water are a beautiful reflection of your love. While a magnificent view of the settling sun through golden clouds surrounds you, dine on this cruise. Nothing can beat this experience.

Underwater sea-walking

Without any knowledge of swimming or diving, you can walk on the sea-bed to witness a beautiful wonder. This underwater sea-walk is perfect for anyone, especially couples, as you and your lover will be surrounded by crystal clear blue water, walking between the corals and seeing a variety of fishes zooming around you. This is an ultimately romantic experience as you and your sweetheart can walk hand-in-hand watch a world of wonder.


Beautiful clear warm blue water and endless white beaches with coconut trees make it for a dream vacation. A romantic walk down the beach and endless talks, or even better, a candlelight beach dinner with a private cabana bed, curtains surrounding it. Sip champagne with your sweetheart while a violinist serenades you.

Hiking and trekking

Being a volcanic island, Mauritius has several peaks and valleys that can be explored on foot. A real treat for trek lovers, there are summits like Le Ponce and Black River Peak that will give you a lifetime of a memory. Along with trekking, you can also experience zipling also known as flying fox, hence spending more adventurous time with your loved one.


Sega, a dance of mainland Africa; it is the musical way of experiencing life of Mauritius. A simple swaying of hips to the pulsating rhythm of traditional instruments. It starts with a slow tune and gradually rises to the ever increasing tempo, along with it, the gyrating movements also gracefully rise. Tiring - perhaps, but exhilarating!

Author: Winnie Karnik