Travel tips from a technoholic

June 13, 2014

Go Puck portable chargers

See, here’s the thing: I travel with a bunch of thirsty gadgets and I need to have stuff that can charge them in a jiffy. And, that’s why I bank on my ‘Go Puck’. These guys, who are based in Florida, recently launched in India, are not an ordinary portable charger firm. They make batteries for F1, boss, and for LeMans and the Indy500. So, essentially, their lithiumion batteries are top class. Plus the Go Pucks 3X (Rs 3500) and 5X (Rs 6500) are light, can charge any device up to 50 per cent faster than other chargers, have lots more juice, and are well worth the price you pay!

Bose Quiet Comfort 20i

Jet engines can be loud. 140dB is enough to cause serious damage to your ear, and I hate the drone of the engines intruding into the cabin, and, consequently, spoiling my movie-marathon. So, these days I take the Bose Quiet Comfort 20i (Rs 22,000). The in-ear noise-cancelling headphones are indeed comfortable, perfectly portable, and, at the press of a button, they make everything around you go quiet. And, what remains is just well-detailed, crisp sound.

Amazon Kindle PaperWhite

I always thought the first-gen Amazon Kindle PaperWhite was a work in progress. I mean, it did its job and all that, but there was scope for improvement. And the second-gen launched earlier this year, costing Rs 9,999, though, is a big leap in terms of readability. I love the new screen that offers better contrast and higher resolution, the LED light now spreads just right and evenly over the screen, there’s a faster processor on board and the Kindle is more responsive to your touch. In short, it’s possibly, the best and most portable e-reader around.

Nokia 301

I use an iPhone at home, but, when I am travelling and need to use a different SIM card, I bank on the Nokia 301. The 301 is a simple phone, which reminds of Nokia’s heyday. It is tough and reliable and its battery lasts for, like, ever. But, it’s also a quad-band phone, which means it works in most countries around the world. And, it’s got a camera, a microSD slot, Wi-Fi and 3G, and, at Rs 5,000, is ridiculously cheap. Seriously, what more do you need?


Author : Karan Nemani