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4 Accommodations that you must try instead of hotels

April 4, 2017
Unusual places to stay

When we think of travelling, we prescriptively believe that exploration of a place, its culture and the people are going to be our areas of interest. But one aspect that we unwittingly omit from taking into consideration is the lodging. This is because we have grown up believing that the lodging will invariably be a hotel.

But why should you still do the same, when there are options aplenty. And these are not just options but are individual experiences in themselves. So go through these options and find out which do you wish to experience in the first place next time you are on a holiday.

1. Château


This is an unforgettable treatment that you must present yourself at least once in your lifetime. A Château is a large and towering edifice that you will mostly come across in France. It is largely a castle or a fortress that was built quite a long time back. It is instituted within the vicinity of a sprawling area comprising of a garden with large and well-shaped trees; long and beautiful roads. These buildings are mostly endemic to the French countrysides.

2. Yatch


This is an experience that is simply on a different level. You will have food to lodging, everything but in style and that too while floating on water. You might as well speed up the engine as per your desire and lie down on the free space on its anterior while absorbing everything that your eyes meet.

3. Tree house


Most of us are today aware of the concept of a tree house. Yet there are very few people who have spent days in one. Tree houses can be very exciting as well as enjoyable for anyone to stay. In fact it is even more one of the most attractive types of accommodations for the children to stay in for the sheer sense of thrill.

4. Yurt


A small and cozy hut like this is not only exciting but is also a downright out-of-the-way experience. A yurt is a room that is round in structure and is made of bamboos. The decor inside is really colourful and has all the basic furniture that you will need.

Author : Satarupa Hajra