Where Are You Holidaying This Monsoon?

June 17, 2016
Fun In The Rain

Don’t tell me that you’re going to sit at home and be all romantic about the pitter patter on your window panes. The real fun is out in the open. After all the cribbing you did about the scorching heat, is it fair to stay indoors when the rains are finally here? Be a sport, and set off to these amazing places. Some places mentioned here don’t even need flight tickets to get there! All you need is a heart that yearns for something beyond a regular rainy day.


White Water Rafting In Rishikesh

When it rains, Uttarakhand beams with pride; its cities, little townships, and the mountains look beautifully drenched in the showers of love. The waters rush along its streams with a new zeal. Imagine white water rafting in Rishikesh when it’s pouring! Some things are best experienced than said.

How to get there : Take a flight or a train to Delhi. From there on take a bus or self drive to Rishikesh.

What to do : Tour of the beautiful city, white water rafting, and bungee jumping.


Varanasi/ Banaras

Varanasi, an unabashedly chaotic city, with a vibrant culture, rustic interiors, picturesque landscapes, and undoubtedly a crucial spiritual hub of Hinduism. This monsoon, treat yourself to the raw and lively life of this city; take a boat ride on the Ganges as the sun goes down. Walk in the rain exploring the unsung streets, take in the essence of the city.

How to get there : Take a flight or a train to Varanasi. The journey ahead awaits you!

What to do : A walk through the culture and history of Varanasi by the local guide. Boat rides, and visit the famous ghats there.



Kasol, a pristine village lies cuddled among the majestic hills of Himachal Pradesh. Its breathtaking yet peaceful demeanour will melt your heart at once. And when the clouds pour on this beauty, it looks stunning. A long drive along the ghat roads as the rain trickles down your window pane, is an experience so soothing, that you will want to stay back forever; and as you behold the picturesque work of nature, your heart will yearn for more.

How to get there : Take a train or flight to Delhi, and take a bus or self drive to Kasol.

What to do : Hot spring bath, trekking, camping, long drives, and long walks.



Tucked in the interiors, in the immediate vicinity of Mumbai, Purushwadi can be the best weekend getaway. Here, the monsoon is called the season of fireflies. As you camp here, gazing the night sky dressed in gazillion stars, you will witness a canopy of fire flies sailing in the dark of night. If you ask what’s so great about it, ask if the idea of staying indoors seems all that great.

How to get there : Take a train to Kasara from Mumbai CST. Right outside the station, you will find jeeps, hop into one that takes you to Rajur petrol pump. Take another vehicle from Rajur to Purushwadi.

What to do : Trekking, camping, and gazing fire flies.

Author : Leeba Thomas