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    Sachin Tendulkar Interview

    There are cricketers who play for the love of the game, and there’s Sachin Tendulkar who defines the game. The man who believes that failures and sorrows are bigger teachers than success, has lived up to the expectations of millions of fans across the world with definitive ease. There’s more to life than cricket, and there’s more to Sachin Tendulkar than being just a cricketer. He’s crazy about good food and loves to drive around the city with his friends during weekends. Watch out! The story keeps getting better. Sachin Tendulkar reveals a side you’ve never seen before.

    Your idea of a perfect holiday:

    A perfect holiday for me would be a break when I can relax with my family and friends, and of course, holidays are not perfect without good food.

    What’s your travel ID?

    After retirement, holidays are more about luxury getaways; I enjoy mountains and cold climates.

    What connects you to the world of travel?

    Thanks to my career, travelling has always been a part of the game for me and is as close to my heart as cricket. Off late, I’ve been visiting places where cricket has not taken me.

    Do you have a favourite place in the world?

    England has always been one of my favourite family holiday destinations, especially during the summer season. We do a lot of family activities there that’s otherwise difficult in India; little joys of life like going to the park with my kids.

    Any not-so-happy travel experiences?

    Recently, I was returning to Mumbai from Shanghai and my flight got delayed by 2 hours due to which I missed my connecting flight. I had to fly down to Bangalore instead and ended up spending the night at the airport there. It was not a happy travel experience for sure!

    Your favourite domestic holiday destination:

    My favourite holiday destination in India is Mussoorie for sure, especially after my lovely winter break there last year.

    What’s your favourite food destination and cuisine?

    Apart from home food, I love Japanese cuisine. Japan is definitely on my wish list; I haven’t been there yet.

    Your travel essentials:

    iPod, iPhone and chapstick

    Your favourite weekend getaway:

    There are several areas around Mumbai where my friends and I often drive down to during weekends. However, for security reasons I am unable to disclose the names of these places.

    What do you miss the most here when you’re away?

    Family, friends and home food.

    One destination where you would love to settle down at some point in life?

    Mumbai is where my heart lies. There's no other place where I can settle down. 

    Your message to all Musafirs:

    Keep Travelling

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    Author : Iona Chatterjee