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Adventure and Ecotourism in Jordan.

September 25, 2023
Embark on a Sustainable Odyssey: Eco-Adventure Awaits in Jordan's Enchanting Landscapes

Jordan, the Hashemite Kingdom, boasts a diverse range of geological landscapes which creates a home for a variety of flora and fauna. This diversity makes it an ideal destination for eco and adventure tourism, offering unique experiences such as living with a nomadic Bedouin family, farming with villagers, and discovering local cultural handicrafts. The hospitable nature of the locals, varied local cuisine, and remarkable experiences are inspired by the land and its inhabitants. The landscape encourages safaris, bird-watching, observing rare species, searching for rare flowers, horseback riding and trekking. Hiking through canyons, descending stunning waterfalls, climbing cliffs and mountains, biking through historical roads, and enjoying breathtaking views are among the many experiences that Jordan offers its visitors.

Wadi Rum & The Red Sea

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Jordan's Golden Triangle comprises Petra, Wadi Rum, and Aqaba. Visitors can experience trails of ancient civilizations while hiking, exploring the desert of Wadi Rum, or diving in the warm waters of the Red Sea.

Rock Climbing & Mountaineering

Wadi Rum offers unparalleled rock climbing and mountaineering experiences in the southern region. Its unique rock formations vary in shape, height, and difficulty, which offers adventure enthusiasts a thrilling challenge!

Hiking & Trekking

Petra boasts a multitude of hiking locations that trail through ancient archaeological sites and natural monuments. Visitors can get breathtaking views of Petra & Wadi Rum! The Jordan trail is a local Jordanian adventure hiking trail that connects the country from north to south offering 40 days of hiking over more than 675 kilometres of trail, and traveling through 75 villages and towns on its way. What distinguishes the Jordan trail from the other trails is the people, you could also visit the archaeological sites while hiking along the way, each step you could see the landscape changing, connecting with nature, and most importantly taste delicious local food made by the local communities.


Diving fanatics will find paradise in the Red Sea, with its warm water temperatures and shallow shores. Aqaba offers multiple dive sites that provide surreal experiences, including submerged wrecks such as boats, a tank, and even a Hercules airplane at less than 20m deep.

Gentle Adventures

For a softer adventure, visitors can experience Bedouin life in the South, whether through camel or horseback riding, or even living with the Bedouins and immersing themselves in their lifestyle for a few days. Jordan offers endless opportunities to free the Nomad within you.


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Aqaba Marine Park

The Gulf of Aqaba, situated in the northeastern region of the Red Sea, is truly remarkable for its diverse marine life. It stretches 180 km in length and 25km in width, with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Jordan sharing its coastline. The Gulfs water temperature averages around 23 degrees Celsius, creating a welcoming environment for coral growth due to its mild water currents and lack of stormy weather. With optimal salinity levels, the Gulf provides an ideal habitat for numerous marine life forms, including 110 species of soft corals and 120 species of hard corals. The Gulf's fringing reefs are teeming with over 1,000 species of fish, corals, crustaceans, and marine mammals, making it a true paradise for divers and marine enthusiasts. Nocturnal creatures such as crabs, shrimp, and lobsters emerge at night foraging for food, adding to the Gulf's amazing biodiversity. Visitors to the Gulf of Aqaba can expect to see sea turtles, dolphins, sea cows, and the harmless whale shark, which visit seasonally.

Aqaba underwater military museum

Have you ever visited the world's first underwater military museum located near the shores of Aqaba? It showcases an impressive collection of 19 military equipment arranged in a battle formation; that includes tanks of different sizes, an ambulance, a military crane, a troop carrier, anti-aircraft guns, and a combat helicopter.

Bird Watching

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Jordan's RSCN (Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature) is a vital partner of BirdLife International, a global coalition committed to preserving birds, their habitats, and the world's biodiversity. With BirdLife partners active in over 100 countries and territories worldwide, their efforts are far-reaching. Jordan's lush green spaces, particularly the dense vegetation and open ponds at the wastewater treatment plant in Aqaba, provide a sanctuary for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds each spring and autumn. These birds represent more than 350 different species, making the country a birdwatchers utopia.

Jordan offers a diverse range of species to observe. The Eastern Desert region, including the Azraq Wetland Oasis, is home to local desert and aquatic species and is occasionally visited by migratory birds. Bird species that can be spotted in that area include the Temmink's Horned Lark, Hoopoe Lark, Desert Wheatear, and Trumpeter Finch. Visitors to the Desert Castles, east of Amman, can also catch a glimpse of the Thick-Billed Lard and Red-Rumped Wheatear. In winter, Cranes and Imperial Eagles make an appearance as well.


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Ajloun forest reserve

Nestled in the Ajloun Highlands in northern Jordan lies a stunning nature reserve. The area is characterized by open woodlands and is home to a wide range of plant and animal species. The lush greenery of Ajloun makes it a popular destination for hikers and picnickers, particularly during springtime when an array of wildflowers adorn the reserve.

Dana & Feynan

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Wadi dana trail

This scenic trail winds through sandstone gorges and three distinct bio-geological zones in Dana. Keep an eye out for endangered species like the Nubian Ibex. The trail descends towards Feynan, where visitors can arrange for transportation or spend the night at the eco-friendly Feynan Ecolodge.


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Hiking and abseiling in al karak valley

Wadi Al Karak is truly a marvel of Jordan. The hike takes you through a diverse range of terrain, from easy slopes to challenging mountains, water streams, and rocky peaks. You'll witness the beautiful spring wildflowers, tree-covered mountains, and clear views that stretch for miles. The total distance of the hike is 12 kilometres, and you'll come across numerous natural streams and waterfalls along the way. Thrill seekers can indulge in hiking and rappelling/abseiling on five different waterfalls, ranging from 8 to 25 meters in height.

Jordan is an exceptional destination that caters to diverse interests. Whether you're a history buff, nature enthusiast, or adventure seeker, this country has something to offer everyone. Engaging in these experiences will certainly make your upcoming escape all the more worthwhile, leaving you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.