Venture into the world of Universal Studios

Venture into the world of Universal Studios

January 22, 2015
I’m done adulting... I’m going to Universal
Venture into the world of Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore - one exciting attraction in Singapore which can turn even the most serious adult into a kid! The theme park features world-class amusement rides, impressive architecture offering countless hours of fun and excitement.

The Universal Studios Singapore has seven different zones, each beautifully designed to imitate its corresponding movie theme. The seven zones are Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, New York, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Madagascar (my personal favourite) and Far Far Away.


There are two main attractions in the Madagascar zone: A Crate Adventure and Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round. The former one is basically a boat ride while mechanical mascots of the Madagascar cast can be seen acting goofy. The latter one is perfect for little ones as it’s a glorified carousel. Moreover, if you time your visit properly, you might get the opportunity to pose with one of the Madagascar characters (like Alex and Gloria) during the meet & greet show.

Far Far Away

This area is mostly about one of the most popular cartoon characterslive – Shrek featuring a ‘live’ show with the donkey and Shrek’s 4-D Adventure. Do watch the 15-minute 4-D show which is great fun for adults and kids. My fun part of the show was when the donkey kept sneezing on us and we would get covered in water. There is also a cute little Ferris wheel and a great kid’s roller coaster.

The Lost World

This dinosaur park is divided into two parts – Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and WaterWorld. The adventure ride got us all soaked over, so if you want to avoid getting drenched, get yourself a raincoat (ponchos are available at the park for SGD 3). But remember, wearing a raincoat will take all the fun away! After the water ride, try the WaterWorld performance which is based on the movie. The live show performance is held in a stadium featuring death-defying stunts packed with explosions can be viewed.

Ancient Egypt

Being tagged as the most notorious ride, the ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ in the Ancient Egypt zone is a must-experience ride for thrill-seekers! The Pharaohs, pyramids, hieroglyphs and carvings will transport you to an era in history that is still shrouded in mystery. The ride involves backward motion twisting, spinning and much more that gives a jolt to your adrenalin make it exciting and thrilling. So, don’t be surprised if you come across a long queue of riders waiting to experience the 'Revenge of the Mummy'.

Sci-Fi City

One of the most popular zones at Universal Studios Singapore, the Sci-Fi City features two main rides – Battlestar Galactica and Transformer. The first one is a dual coaster – Human & Cylon here both tracks are intertwined and run simultaneously. There are plenty of twists and turns, moves and swirls and whatnot….no words to describe it but best to be experienced! Wait, the better is yet to be discovered. Yes, I’m talking about the Transformer ride which is beyond fantastic. Along with riding a futuristic vehicle through an amazing world of Transformer, you will be moving from one 3D scene to another. Overall, the ride has everything from bumps, fog, backward motions, sound effects and even a ‘falling’ effect!

New York

Based on New York City during the era of post modernisation, the New York zone portrays various elements from the movies including the city skyline, sidewalks and neon lights. The zone also features a replica of the New York Library and even Rockefeller Center. Street dancers can also be seen showing off their slick moves outside the Palace. There are no rides inside New York though, so you can move along after you’re finished with your photoshoots.


The park starts and finishes in Hollywood which seems fitting. This area is mostly about shopping but there is also a live rock show full of monsters such as Dracula and Frankenstein. Complete with elaborate streets and a convincing replica of the famous Chinese theatre, Hollywood is a perfect place for taking your first snapshots inside the park. One must-try attraction in Hollywood, however, is Lights, Camera, Action hosted by the legendary film director, Steven Spielberg (not in the flesh, unfortunately). Tips to get the most out of Universal Studios Singapore

  • Operating hours: 10:00am till 07:00pm (or often 09:00pm depending on the schedule/event/occasion). It’s better to arrive early (say by around 09:30am) to avoid long queues. While waiting, you can also get your pictures clicked with the Universal Globe.

  • Collect a map of the theme park to plan your day wisely. Ensure that you pick up the English version.

  • Keep a tab on time to catch the characters during Meet & Greet scheduled at different times across the seven zones.

  • Do visit the S.E.A Aquarium (at an additional cost) located in the same vicinity to discover the underwater world in the best possible way.

  • Start your day by visiting your favourite rides to avoid long queues later.

  • Avoid lunch time for lunch to avoid being stuck in crowd for food, especially at Discovery Food Court and Lost World zone.

  • If you want to enjoy Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure ride without getting wet, carry a raincoat or buy ponchos from the park for SGD 3.

  • Avoid visiting the park during weekends, local public holidays and school holidays.