Places to visit in April

    Known as the month where the warm breeze finally strolls in gaily, April never ceases to disappoint. For School children - it is that time of the month where their stomachs are a wild mixture of excitement and nervousness alike, and for travellers, it is probably the best time to absorb the experience out of a trip. April brings with it a plethora of rushed emotions in an otherwise relaxed atmosphere. What better can you do to quench the desires than to book an air ticket to the much awaited destination of your dreams?

    Best Picks

    South Africa

    South Africa

    In the feisty month of April, escape to the divine destination of South Africa. The mention of this destination itself forms a bubble of pleasant images in your mind. Mentions about its natural beauty are not unheard of. A visit to God’s Window in the eastern Mpumalanga province will renew your faith that nature is indeed the mother of all humankind, and that her beauty is unmatched. No selfie, no picture, no brochure or no words can prepare you for the beauty that will unfurl before your very eyes in South Africa. In this divine destination, you’re spoilt for choice as good weather ensures your trip is packed with just enough adrenaline, cultural experiences, good vibes and the awe-inspiring views of wildlife.

    Mc Leodganj


    Like a few things that are too awesome to be revealed to just about everyone, McLeodganj; situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is one such diamond in the tiara of must-visit places in India. Almost hidden and securely tucked away in the north of India is this beautiful and serene destination. To the traveller who knows more than revealing the intricacies of observation, McLeodganj is a treasure trove. Dive in, and the treasure trove becomes deeper and much more enriching. Set like a beautiful art on canvas, McLeodganj has the best ever backdrop that any artist could ask for: The Himalayas. Clubbed with the delicate groves of nature, the mountains stand guard at McLeodganj.




    Introducing Nepal is no easy task, for it is rich in heritage, culture, wisdom, beauty, and all that makes a destination figure on travel bucket lists of tourists and travellers alike. Landlocked by mighty provinces, Nepal is a secure heaven for all those who seek more than just a trip. A visit to Nepal can never be complete, as each time a new angle, a new vista is revealed to you, making you want more. Nepal rekindles the hunger in an explorer and relaxes the tired busy bodies. In such a dynamic destination, it is never possible to claim that Nepal has been totally ticked off your bucket list. And when Nepal figures as your Honeymoon destination, be rest assured as the Gods themselves bless your journey as man and wife. A perfect blend of professionalism and perfect hospitality is a given while you honeymoon in Nepal. Be rest assured as the most memorable moments of your married life will have the best backdrop ever, in Nepal.


    Biking to Leh

    Biking in Leh

    This one is for all those who love to be on the move more than they love the experience of leisure. But be warned - this trip isn’t going to be easy on you, nor is the stretch of land forgiving to those who tread on it. Rugged, rough roads, narrow passes, windy terrains, gusts of wind with specks of dust that escape as you roar your bike to life, will send shots of adrenaline pumping throughout your body. The thrusts of the suspension, the roar of your engine, the surge of your wheels over the rocky terrains- if this has set your mind on a different tangent which screams your name and calls out to you, Leh would love to accommodate you.

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