Why do we decorate the Christmas Tree?

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    We can almost hear the jingle bells ring afar as we await eagerly the arrival of the reindeer-driven cart, bringing to us the adorably plump Santa Claus with the gifts.

    In the run-up to the festival, we become consumed with the to-do list. We have to get the cake baked and ready the other eatables, purchase the tree, buy and collect all the accessorial embellishments, decorate the tree, apart from planning out the entire day.

    But do you know why do we decorate the Christmas tree with all these beautiful decorative embellishments at all? There is a star, the tinsel, and many other little baubles that we tie up to the branches of the Christmas tree to dangle through out the day. Do you not think that it is rather naive to just blindly use them without knowing the rationale behind? So today we reveal to you the stories behind. It is not only revelatory but also indubitably interesting.

    Christmas decorations

    1. The Star on the top of the Christmas Tree

    We often get ourselves a large star, all in glitters, beautiful, and perfect, to be posited on the top of the tree; it looks so stunning, isn’t it? It’s import lies in the fact that this star reminds us of the shinning star of Bethlehem that had guided the three Magi to reach the stable when Jesus was born.

    2.The Colours of the festival - Red, Green, Silver, and Gold

    The tree is principally decorated with items of these four colours. So after all, why particularly these colours? The answer lies in the fact that each of the colours represent something important.

    Green - It stands for all the trees, plants, and other forms of flora that God created for our sustenance.

    Red - The colour instantiates the blood of Jesus Christ, which was shed to deliver us.

    Silver and Gold - These two colours symbolise the rich blessings that we are blessed with by Him.

    Christmas Tree

    3. The inevitable Christmas Bells

    The bells carry the symbolism of being the guide that ring out to the lost sheep to bring it back home.

    4. The Tinsel wrapped around the tree

    The tinsel that spirals the Christmas tree reminds us of the little sparks of the fire that was lit by Joseph to keep Mary and little Jesus warm in the stable.

    5. All the lights

    The tree is always beautifully illuminated by using plenty of lights. The lights signify the zillions of stars radiating in the wide sky.

    6. The sparkly Christmas Balls

    The round and sparkling balls remind us of the jewels of happiness from the heaven. Also in addition to that, it invokes positive spirit into in the metal.

    Christmas bows

    7. The cute and brightly glittering bows

    The red bows are tied to the tree to indicate an auspiciously strong bond of goodwill that will remain kindled forever among us.

    8. The cones made of pine

    The pine cones symbolise fertility and motherhood.

    9. The beautiful wreath

    The wreath that also happens to be one of the crucial items of decoration, symbolises the power of love of the Father. It simply reminds us that true and unadulterated love has neither a beginning nor an end.

    Christmas Gifts

    10. The Candy Canes on the tree

    It’s significance lies in its typical shape. The shape is a reminder of the Shepherd's staff that guided the sheep. After all the shepherds were the first to witness the birth of Jesus Christ.

    11. Finally, the reason behind the gifts at the foot of the tree

    The gifts in toto is meant to always remind us of the most precious gift we received through Him - An 'eternal life' that we were bestowed on, as He sacrificed His life for us.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra