Eligibility and Time Period 

for Schengen Visa

    Europe has always been dream destination of the most of the Indians. Getting influenced by the beautiful locations, our Indians are showing more interest in Schengen visa. This special kind of visa allows you travel among all Schengen countries for up to 90 days within 180 day period. Non-European citizens are bound to apply for the short-term visa under “tourist” specification. You many apply for single entry and multiple entry Schengen visa.

    Eligibility Criteria

    You must fulfill the criteria mentioned below to avoid the rejection of visa for any of the Schengen countries.

    • You must be citizens of any Non-European country.
    • The purpose of travelling and the time frame should be justified.
    • You must have a passport valid up to at least 3 months after the visa application date.
    • You must have medical insurance of minimum €30,000.
    • You must have the bank statements of last three months.
    • You must have the proof of accommodation. Your stay can be sponsored by your friends, or relatives residing there or you will have to provide hotel booking confirmation etc. to apply for the visa.If you are travelling for business purpose, you must provide proof of legal entity of the company and a reference letter from your employer.

    Time required

    Generally, it does not take too long to get a visa if you qualify the criteria and attach all valid documents. However, time may vary in certain cases depending on the country you are applying for.

    • It may take between 2 to 10 working days to get a visa for short-term stays. But sometimes it takes 14 days to 21 days for processing visa applications.
    • It is advisable to apply at least 2 weeks before the intended trip’s date.
    • The processing time may take up to 2 months depending on the circumstances or extraordinary cases.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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