Eligibility and Time Period 

for Singapore visa

    The way to get a Singapore visa is extremely convenient for Indians as Indian tourists are rising from time to time. Before applying for a visa, you must know regarding all the information about Singapore, its laws and everything else. This will smoothen the process and without any hurdle, you will be able to complete your visa requirements. You must know the eligibility and time required for Singapore visa, which is as follows:

    Eligibility for Singapore Visa

    You are eligible, if:

    • You have a valid air ticket along with return ticket from Singapore..
    • You have a valid visa or travelling pass to visit that country and the entire requirements have been fulfilled.
    • An Indian applying for Singapore visa must have a passport. The stay will be for a maximum of 30 days & it will be valid up to two years.
    • No cash issues should be there. All the payments must be duly paid.

    Time Required for Singapore Visa

    • For an Indian, excluding public holidays and weekends, one working day is required by the Authorized Visa Agent after the submission of visa application.
    • For others, excluding public holidays, weekends and day of submission, five to seven working days are required by the Authorized Visa Agent after the submission of visa application.

    The processing goes on in this way:

    • Submit the documents to the Authorized visa agent
    • The authorized agent will submit all the documents online to the High Commission
    • Processing time for checking of documents and other formalities
    • Get your visa

    Points to Remember

    • You must have the valid reason for visiting Singapore and you should have clearly shown that reason to the visa authorities.
    • The reason of visit and the activities that you will carry must comply with the laws, rules & regulations of Singapore.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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