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    “The use of travelling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” - Samuel Johnson

    Europe is the second smallest continent in the world, and also the most sought-after tourist destination because of its aesthetically appealing vibe, scenic landscapes with natural beauty, cultural heritage, and diverse cuisines. Europe consists of 47 countries, and it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. A trip to Europe is a dream come true for many people across the globe.

    Looking for a scenic tour of Europe? Check out our Europe Tour Packages.

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    Enjoy Your Holidays: Aesthetic Europe Packages

    Musafir is the perfect place for you to plan your trip to Europe. We curate Europe packages from India and take care of your travel preferences, saving you the effort of planning the trip by yourself. Our tour experts will take of your needs, whether you are looking for a Europe tour package for your family or a couple, your travel dreams will be in good hands.

    Our tour experts will plan an ideal itinerary of Europe with customized Europe packages that suit your travel dreams. has different types of Europe tour packages to offer at affordable prices starting as low as low as Rs 1,50,999. Explore a set of different itineraries in our Europe tour packages catered to diverse needs.

    Europe Packages

    Treat yourself to the Best Europe packages with us and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Nestled in the tapestry of culture, history, innovation, and beautiful architectural wonders, a trip to Europe mainland will be a dream come true.

    Call our travel experts on 022 4164 2214 and get your Schengen visa without any hassle.

    Europe Tour Packages: An Aesthetic Family Tour

    Take your family through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world with our carefully crafted Europe Packages. Delve into the rich cultural heritage, Historic monuments, and modern marvels in scenic locations. Explore some of the most aesthetically pleasing cities, picturesque countryside, and iconic landmarks with your family. Take your bond to a new level by experiencing everything that Europe has to offer. Traverse through the historic allure of Rome, and indulge in the cuisines of Paris with our family-friendly Europe Packages. We ensure a fun family trip to aesthetic attractions, captivating moments, and a promising landscape journey through time. Join us on a family getaway with our Europe tour packages.

    Musafir offers many family-friendly Europe tour itineraries and the Best of Europe Packages is one of the most desired tour packages for family getaways in Europe.

    Honeymoon Special: Best Europe Tour Packages

    Europe is one of the most sought-after destinations for couples who wish to take a trip for their honeymoon. Europe’s unique attractions lure many couples to plan their trip here. Its couple-friendly places, sizzling summers, amazing delicacies, and great fashion and style invite couples into a dreamy world of romance. Visiting the iconic romance destination Paris, Londo, Spain, or Amsterdam to brew their love and invite the charm of European cities into their relationship. Indulging in European adventure with our Europe packages will help you soak into the spirit of Europe and its culture. Whether adventure sports, shopping, or spending some cherishing moments in the Alps, Europe has it all. Let the sights of this beautiful content grow your love by choosing from a wide range of our Europe tour packages.

    Incredible Europe: Comprehensive Tour Guide has tailored various Europe tour packages for you. Are you planning a family getaway or want some Instagrammable pictures at a beautiful couple's location in Europe? we got your back. Our Europe packages are suitable for short, long, relaxing, adventurous holidays in Europe. Making the right tour choice with us is made super easy. A thrilling tour of Europe is now just a click away. Get in touch with our tour experts today.

    To help you prepare for your adventure in this scenic continent, we have compiled a brief Europe tour guide to take you through the iconic historical locations of Europe.

    Places to visit in Europe

    Best Time to Visit Europe

    Embark on a dreamlike journey through Europe, where every street corner will whisper historic tales of enchantment and nostalgia. Due to its alluring cities with architectural wonders, diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and timeless beauty, Europe invites tourists year-round. Overall, march to June, and September to November mark the best time to tour Europe and cover major destinations. Booking a Europe package during this season will get you far in terms of cost-effectiveness and places to visit.

    During the warm months from May to September, Northern Europe is generally warmer, while Southern Europe reaches 36°C from July to August. Winters in Northern Europe are cold and harsh, while this is the best time to explore relatively warm Southern Europe. Depending on your preference, you can book Europe packages to enjoy different weather conditions in Europe, warm weather is pleasant to explore and experience Europe, while chilly winters, are best for Christmas celebrations.

    Best Places To Visit in Europe

    The European continent is the land of explorers. When you visit Europe, a vast landscape opens up for you to dwell into enriching experiences, and see the world with the eyes of not a tourist, but that of a traveller.

    In our Europe tour package, we advise you to cover major cities and locations in Europe, main sightseeing attractions, festivals, and cultural wonders as far as you can.

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    Culinary Delights in Europe

    Apart from exotic destinations and historic cities to visit, European food is one of the sought-after continental foods to explore. Europe’s delicacies are varied and diverse owing to its rich cultural heritage and diverse settlements. If you are travelling to Europe, then trying these local dishes should be a must-have thing to do on your bucket list. 

    Savoring the pastries of France, Arancini’s pizza in Italy, strolling through local markets in Spain for tapas delights, and relishing the sausages and pretzels in Germany, Europe has a variety to offer. From the seafood in Greece to the stews of Ireland, Europe's culinary landscape is as vast as its geography. It's Michelin-starred restaurants or charming street-side cafes, tasting each meal is like a celebration of culture.

    Exhilarating Things to Experience on a Europe Trip

    Europe offers captivating activities you can indulge in, it ensures that every traveller finds something to cherish when they go back home. You can spend your time exploring the historic charm of Rome's Colosseum or the breathtaking architecture of Barcelona's Sagrada Familia. Cruise along Amsterdam's iconic canals, adore the landscapes of the Swiss Alps or let the museums and cafes of Paris lure you into its charm. From cultural landmarks, nightlife, and local cuisines, Europe invites you to discover its historic treasures at every corner:

    1. Driving a Luxury Car in Italy
    2. Bungee Jumping in Switzerland
    3. Scenic Eurail Trip
    4. Visiting De Wallen in Amsterdam
    5. Free Walking Tours with Camera
    6. Oktoberfest in Munich
    7. Trekking in The Scottish Highlands
    8. Greek Vibes of the Cyclades
    9. Winery Biking Tour
    10. Adventurous Via Ferrata routes

    You have innumerable adventures to choose from in your Europe tour, and including any one of these activities in your Europe package will be the experience of a lifetime. To select some of the most exotic locations in Europe, explore our Europe packages that we cater for a thrilling tour.

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