Having felt and experienced the magic of the master blaster on your TV screens or behind the stands in a stadium, goosebumps aren’t an alien concept to your senses. The persona of Sachin Tendulkar leaves every cricket buff with a flurry of butterflies in their tummies as they watch spellbound the God of cricket spinning his magic on the cricket field. If only the presence of SRT can make your every nerve go into such a frenzy, Imagine what a one on one meeting with the God of cricket would leave you with.

    Feeling exhilarated already? The good news is , all you have to do is send in a video of the most whackiest wish to Sachin. Sing a song, or get someone to dance along- anything can become the key to your rendezvous with Sachin. Click the play button to know more!

    Wish a thon