Long weekends in 2017

    Sorry 2016, but you weren’t really that friendly when it came to holidays (and everyone will agree on this!). But 2017 is the year of long weekends! Whether its Gandhi Jayanti or Diwali or Independence Day or even Christmas, they all fall on a weekday (Yaayyy)! This year promises to spoil you with long weekends. So here is a list of holidays to give you the complete picture. All you have to do is pick, plan and pack.

    1. January - 26th to 29th - 4 days (27th - Take a day off)

    Long weekends in January, 2017

    Begin the new year with a bang by visiting a place you have never been to. Around this time of the year, a trip to Udaipur or Hampi or Bali will be a good start. But we suggest you to take a 4-day trip to the amazing Dooars in West Bengal. Time spent in the wild and the exclusive climate of Dooars will be a treat for your soul.

    Explore Dooars: 3 Nights / 4 Days @ Rs 11,800/-

    2. February - 23rd to 26th - 4 days (23rd - Take a day off)

    Long weekends in February, 2017

    Long weekends are for international trips as well. A trip to some unexplored country is a fascinating idea that we Indians love. We recommend a 4-day trip to the fascinating Thailand. Nothing beats Thailand!

    Explore Thailand: 3 Nights / 4 Days @ Rs 51,900/-

    3. March - 10th to 13th - 4 days (10th - Take a day off)

    Long weekends in March, 2017

    Make Singapore your March destination! No matter how many times you visit, Singapore never fails to surprise you. Take a quick trip to the most happening city in the world. And while you are here, shop as much as your heart will want!

    Explore Singapore: 3 Nights / 4 Days @ Rs 25,400/-

    4. April - 13th to 16th - 4 days (13th - Take a day off )

    Long weekends in April, 2017

    4 days in the Himalayas will bring out the new 'you'. A trip to Sikkim or Darjeeling might be life-changing. How about a trip to Bhutan - the land of happiness. Soak in some wintry breeze, away from the scorching Indian sun, by visiting this beautiful land.

    Explore Bhutan: 3 Nights / 4 Days @ Rs 17,400/-

    5. May

    Long weekends in May, 2017

    Unfortunately the month of May doesn’t give you much holiday options. But we can! So why not try our weekend gateway packages for a quick short trip to Ooty. That way you can take a break from the sweltering Sun!

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    6. June - 23rd to 26th - 4 days (23rd - Take a day off)

    Long weekends in June, 2017

    Experience South Africa or Jordan in just 4 days! Well, you've heard it right, and a long weekend is all you need to experience these destinations. We recommend a quick getaway from the maddening city and visit the sea. And as we talk about sea, what can be better than Bali! A trip to Bali will make this year most memorable for you!

    Explore Bali: 3 Nights / 4 Days @ Rs 19,600/-

    7. July

    Long weekends in July, 2017

    When it comes to July, the mid-year season, the best place for a trip is Rajmachi. The place looks unbelievably breathtaking during the monsoon. Hence, this rainy season, head for Rajmachi.

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    8. August - 13th to 20th - 8 days (16th, 17th & 18th - Take a day off)

    Long weekends in August, 2017

    Why don’t you finally put some life into your dream of trekking; the Himalayas, as we all know, is the unbeatable destination for trekking. So keeping in line with your desire, we suggest you to put your hiking shoes on and trek down the mountains in Ladakh.

    Explore Ladakh: 7 Nights / 8 Days @ Rs 26,400/-

    9. September - 26th - 30th (26th - Take a day off)

    Long weekends in September, 2017

    A fantastic option for September weekend is Maldives. A long saunter on the winding beaches here in this popular destination will purvey a much-needed break from all the mundanity of everyday life.

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    10. October - 15th to 22nd - 8 days (16th, 17th & 18th - Take a day off)

    Long weekends in October, 2017

    Celebrate the festive season with a trip to the Andaman Islands! Allow yourself to be whisked off to this far located destination, away from the humdrum of regular life and reclaim your lost peace.

    Explore Andaman: 7 Nights / 8 Days @ Rs 32,200/-

    11. November

    Long weekends in November, 2017

    Although November again might seem a little harsh, but we do have a solution already for you! A short and quick trip can be taken during any of the weekends to Hassan. The combination of a historical place and the cold weather is one undefeatable duo!

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    12. December - 22nd to 25th - 4 days (22nd - Take a day off)

    Long weekends in December, 2017

    December brings the year to a close and ushers in the future. So celebrate these moments in a fun way. How about a quick trip to the land of skyscrapers? There can be nothing better than the experiencing the different shades of Dubai as you ring in 2018.

    Explore Dubai: 4 Nights / 5 Days @ Rs 27,800/-

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