Long weekends in 2018

    Every ‘New Year’ throws our way several opportunities to fulfill our wishes. One of the recurrent desires that ebb and flow in our hearts is the constant, undying to travel new and unseen places. This year, 2018, luckily offers plentiful occasions to go places you always wanted to. There are multiple long weekends throughout the year, and hence you can make so many trips every month.

    Below is a list of long weekends as well as a list of the top destination suggestions to holiday.

    1. January - 26th to 28th - 3 days

    January Long Weekend Calendar, 2018

    A New Year is all about celebration so let’s welcome the year in a festive mode. The best way to do it would be to take a trip to Gujarat and attend the famed Rann of Kutch Festival. This festive extravaganza commences on the month of November and runs through February. The 4-month long gala imbues the culture and history of the beautiful state of Gujarat.

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    2. February - 10th to 13th - 4 days (12th - Take a day off)

    February Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    For the month of February let’s do something different. How about a trip to the uncharted places in North East? Let’s make a plan for Arunachal Pradesh. You can spend a day amidst the calming forces of the monasteries or sit down to appreciate the beautiful and unsoiled green Arunachal. In any case, Arunachal will be eternally unforgettable.

    Or we have another option - How about Thailand? A very popular destination, it is renowned for its pristine waters and green islands. It is a place that you will want to visit more often. Besides, this will be such a fantastic and happy surprise trip for your family to enjoy right at the beginning of the year.

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    3. March - 1st to 4th - 4 days (1st - Take a day off)

    March Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    You are in for a really long weekend with the arrival of the month of March. You have celebrated the auspicious and colourful festival of Holi every year at your place. Why not this time do the same but in a different fashion? Fly off to Coorg, the beautiful district of Karnataka, and celebrate the festival in the way people in Coorg do. And once the festival is over, spend the rest of the time in exploring the enchanting beauty of Coorg.

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    4. April - 27th to 30th - 4 days (27th - Take a day off)

    April Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    Wayanad is calling you! Green serenity that is typical to Wayanad, nurtures and enlivens a tired mind. As you saunter through the verdant woods, the buzzing drone of the jungle insects, the cool and gentle winds, and the constant jarring of tree branches creating a sweet note to the ears, will leave a sense of eternal bliss to your heart. It sounds so pleasant already right? So why not just go and live it.

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    5. May

    May Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    The month of May unfortunately comes without any long weekend. But we have a idea for you. Just take a leave on either the second or fourth Friday and spend three days in Nashik. A trip to the holy Sai Baba Temple will be a good option for you if you are looking for a quick break as well as, if you have been for the longest time, planning to take your family out on a trip.

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    6. June - 15th to 17th - 3 days

    June Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    In the month of June, you get a three-days off. So why not cast off the mid-year exhaustion by flying off to spend these days in Ooty. Also known as Udhagamandalam, this hill station in Tamil Nadu is blessed with plentiful natural beauty. From large and clear lakes, to colourful garden; from stunning hills to temples and churches, this is a place that you will surely enjoy.

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    7. July

    July Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    July offers no long weekend. But why the long face when we have a solution for this! Take a leave on either the second or the fourth Friday, and spend three days in the beautiful city of Pune. It is a great way to unwind and spend time with your family away from the monotony of everyday life.

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    8. August - 22nd to 26th - 5 days (23rd & 24th - Take a day off)

    August Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    The only place where you should be in the month of August is nowhere but Ladakh. Beauty that is unlike anything else - the curious topographical features, and the towering clear sky looking down, Ladakh is an unforgettable and irresistible destination for everyone. No word can put down in clearer terms the depth of its exclusive beauty. It must be seen to be felt.

    Sri Lanka, lying really close to India, is another interesting destination for you. The tropical climate, the beautiful beaches, the abundant nature around, all of it together makes Sri Lanka an incredible destination for anyone.

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    9. September - 13th to 16th - 4 days (14th - Take a day off)

    September Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    Sikkim has always been one of the most attractive destinations in India. Come September make Sikkim your travel destination. If you are a sucker for the snow, Sikkim will satisfy you entirely. Or if trekking has been on your mind for a long time, here comes the time. Days spent here will help you to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the hilly people in Sikkim.

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    10. October - 17th to 21st - 5 days (17th - Take a day off)

    October Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    Now that all the domestic destinations are well set, how about some the international destinations? Since you will have, in the month of September, quite a few days at hand, you can easily start planning on a trip to Mauritius. Beautiful water, tropical climate, and fantastic food - Mauritius is calling you!

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    11. November - 3rd to 11th - 9 days (5th, 6th & 8th - Take a day off)

    November Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    You must be acquainted with the Dubai Shopping Festival; well the season is about to arrive. You get quite a few holidays in the month of November already, all you have to do is to take three days off from office, book tickets, pack your bags, and fly off to Dubai. Experience shopping like never before, and once you have your fill of it, you have plenty of time exploring the beautiful city of Dubai.

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    12. December - 22nd to 25th - 4 days (24th - Take a day off)

    December Long Weekend Planner, 2018

    A quick trip to a National Park is the best thing to do during a chilly wintry season. So then which national park? Well, what is better than the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. Get ready for your first rendezvous with the beasts of the jungle and watch the royalty of jungle walk past you.

    If in you have been worrying over the accumulating dust on your passport on account of disuse, you can mull over a short trip to Malaysia. And if you want it to be a little lengthy then consider taking another day off to enjoy an memorable time. With plenty of attractive places to see and a bustling nightlife, Malaysia is a great way to close the year on a positive and beautiful note.

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