Places to visit in April

    While the sun makes a brazen entry in the month of April, there are places that are coyly hidden away from its harsh heat. In this calendar, find out what are the best summer escapes for your trip and plan a getaway to some of the most ethereal places on earth. 

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    Niagara Falls, Justin Trudeau, Justin Bieber or Ryan Gosling, everyone knows Canada for some reason or the other. The second largest country in the world, Canada is packed with umpteen activities to do and places to see. From Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver and Montreal, the landscape of Canada stretches far and wide. Long prairies, high mountains, fjords, lakes and frozen caves, there’s much to delve in.

    We recommend: 7 Nights / 8 Days in Canada @ Rs 1,10,000



    Like a storyboard written out of a writer’s fantasy, Bhutan’s landscape slowly unfurls from quaint villages and pretty towns to the mighty Himalayas. Time becomes a melding of minutes and hours when you are in Bhutan. A monastery perched on top of a plush hanging cliff, paddy fields dancing around dainty houses, rocky paths leading to towns, monks praying and children playing form the quotidian portraits of Bhutan. The happier you are, the richer you get here. Embracing the contemporary ways of life, yet humbly staying rooted to its ethics, Bhutan is a story that unfolds page by page like a novel you never want to end.

    We recommend: 3 Nights / 4 Days in Bhutan @ Rs 17,400

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    If memories were like bottled up wishes that come true with a gentle rub, they’d every time land us in Goa. A place that lures the global crowd for more reason than one, Goa steadily matures from its party beach-shacks to colonial melodies reaping fruits of its historical past. While it may still be extremely hot, you may chill at a beach, indulge in water sports, and try your luck at a casino or party all night. If you are done with all the noise and party, you may head to South Goa for a peaceful sojourn and escape the maniacal crowd.

    We recommend: 3 Nights / 4 Days in Goa @ Rs 6,600


    Songkran - Thai New Year (Thailand)

    Songkran - Thai New Year, Thailand

    Propped up with water guns, hoses and buckets, locals parade the streets and drench themselves in the festivities to beckon the traditional Thailand New Year. Quite reminiscent of Holi, Songkran is a fun way to ring in the New Year.

    We recommend: 4 Nights / 5 Days in Thailand @ Rs 21,800


    Coorg, Kodaikanal & Ooty


    If beauty were a component of time, Coorg would definitely be termed as timeless: beauty that is beyond the perception of time. Known by various names such as ‘Scotland of India', 'Kashmir of the South', this hill station is popular for its charming beauty and pleasant weather. The alluring hill station of Kodaikanal is off late burgeoning with a lot of hippie crowd. Shrouded in mist for most of the year, Kodaikanal’s vibe is as chilled out as its atmosphere. Crowned as the ‘Queen of hill stations’, Ooty is so verdant that it seems like a playground of Nature Gods. This place offers amazing views of different species of birds. To experience the beauty of the lush greenery here, you can also try out trekking.

    We recommend: 2 Nights / 3 Days in Ooty @ Rs 9,700 | 2 Nights / 3 Days in Coorg @ Rs 12,500 | 5 Nights / 6 Days in Nilgiri @ Rs 16,200

    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    Idyllic beaches, sprawling tea plantations, wildlife galore, the island of Sri Lanka looks like a small teardrop in the ocean, but is vast in terms of culture and beauty. Sri Lanka has a dynamic landscape and an eclectic blend of history, tradition and culture. Staying rooted to its ancient name of ‘Serendip’, Sri Lanka is not just figuratively, but literally, a descendent of serendipity - a place where unexpected journeys turn out to be very fortunate and memorable. While Kandy, Colombo, Galle and Nuwara Eliya are its heartthrob, places like Trincomalee and Passikudah are its hidden gems.

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    Wildlife in Uttarakhand


    A dense forest that grows in Uttarakhand lies refuge to many species of animals and birds. Boasting of 6 national parks and 4 wildlife sanctuaries, Uttarakhand is a heaven for wildlife seekers. Flaunting the best views for the big cat, Jim Corbett National Park is a must-visit destination. Apart from that, Valley of Flowers National Park and Nanda Devi National Park have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, because of their rich biodiversity.

    We recommend: 2 Nights / 3 Days in Uttarakhand @ Rs 9,800

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    Kashmir - Tulip Garden

    Kashmir - Tulip Garden

    A place which has inspired poets to compose ballads over it needs no introduction. Every walk in Kashmir makes you wish that the road would never end. The Tulip Gardens of Kashmir, the largest in Asia, charm you with their graceful sway. The flowers bloom only for about 15-30 days in a year. Depending on the temperature, the colourful bloom occurs between the end of March and early April.

    We recommend: 4 Nights / 5 Days in Kashmir @ Rs 12,000

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