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    Few Indian states can claim to be as diverse and expansive as Maharashtra. Located on India’s western coast, Maharashtra is the third-largest state in the country by size and second most populous. Spanning majestic mountain ranges and sandy beaches, Maharashtra’s dynamic topography ensures that there’s plenty to keep adventure buffs entertained, while its iconic heritage structures – many of which are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites – make for interesting viewing. Interestingly, Maharashtra is home to some of the busiest cities and the most serene landscapes in the country, giving first-time travellers a more realistic slice of India’s pie.

    Your trip to Maharashtra will undoubtedly begin in Mumbai – the state’s capital and also the commercial capital of India. A buzzing hub of trade, commerce, culture and entertainment, Mumbai is also the seat of Bollywood and the country’s most cosmopolitan city. When you’ve had your fill of urbane attractions, escape into the dramatic Sahyadri mountain ranges – several peaks are capped by impressive forts that you can hike up to. Follow this with a visit to Maharashtra’s picture-perfect vineyards, where you can participate in an engaging tour and sip on the wineries’ most exquisite wines, even as you gaze upon the glorious landscape.

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    Maharashtra makes a great starting point to the rest of India, given that this state offers you practically everything that the country is famous for, in one, comprehensive nutshell. If you’re eager to explore the many delights of this inimitable Indian destination, do check out You’ll find an array of attractively-priced and flexible Maharashtra travel packages that are perfect for solo, couple and group travellers.

    Maharashtra Travel Guide

    An immersive holiday in Maharashtra is just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking to experience India on a smaller but sufficiently comprehensive scale. To learn more about the best places to visit, eat and see in Maharashtra, make sure to browse through’s detailed Maharashtra Travel Guide.

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      Maharashtra experiences winter from October to February, when temperatures typically hover around 25 degrees C. This is the best time to visit the state, since summer can get uncomfortably hot. Maharashtra experiences heavy rains during its monsoon months, which make this season less suitable for sightseeing; however, the hill stations are at their most beautiful during the rains.

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