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    Dubai's Global Village is a highly-acclaimed seasonal attraction that requires little introduction. This multicultural park offers a plethora of attractions and a unique carnival-like atmosphere. It is a must-visit destination for those seeking a diverse and exhilarating experience.

    Global Village was established in 1997, and ever since that time, Global Village has evolved into a spot where millions of people flock to enjoy the shopping culture or indulge in a  night full of fun. This Global Village is perfect for families who want to experience the food, fun rides, games nightlife, and other exciting entertainments!

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    Global Village Travel Guide

    Global Village is a seasonal attraction that is open every evening from November through April. On Mondays, the entry is reserved exclusively for women and families with children. So, if you are planning to visit Global Village, keep in mind that Monday could be the best day for you to go with your family.

    Global Village Travel Guide

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    Global Village is a wonderful location to have fun with your family and little ones! Here are some images showing the different ways you can enjoy yourself in Global Village!

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    Explore Global Village Video

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