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    We have all heard of “Live life king size” but have you also heard of “Living life one cruise at a time”? Come to think of it, they are quite symbolic of each other as a pleasurable cruise journey is nothing short of regality with luxuries that truly befit a king! The grandiose of a cruise is a lifetime’s experience and one that will make you wonder why it was not undertaken earlier. Indeed, no travel bucket list can be deemed complete unless it boasts a successful cruise trip to its credit! If you are planning a holiday anytime soon and the vibrant island country of Singapore is your chosen destination, then gift yourself a cruise journey to explore this surreal place. Hop on board a magnificent SuperStar Gemini en route your trip and seek pleasure in its tastefully designed cabins, delectable restaurants and mind-boggling recreational activities that include amazing casino facilities to entertain you throughout your journey. Relive life once again as you treat your eyes to panoramic oceanic views with intermittent halts to delight yourself with Singapore’s scintillating flora and fauna, umpteen sight-seeing attractions, mouth-watering street food, stunning city skyline and amazing retail therapy. Here’s a comprehensive gist of what all can you expect to be unveiled and discovered when you settle for a cruise holiday to Singapore.

    Feathery Rendezvous at Jurong Bird Park

    Sprawling across an area of 49 acres in Jurong, Singapore, the famous bird sanctuary of Jurong Bird Park is a treasure trove of 400 different species of birds, 29 of which belong to the endangered category. The colourful paradise is the calling of many global tourists who throng the place to view its impressive collection of feathered beauties. Inaugurated in 1971, the aviary boasts a whopping bird count, estimated at more than 5000. This makes it the largest bird park in the world.

    A visit to the Jurong Bird Park will enthral you no end when you watch the spectacular live performances of talented birds like cockatoos, flamingos, hornbills, eagles, hawks and parrots during one of the several bird shows scheduled here. Other park attractions that will leave you dumbstruck include the African Waterfall Aviary, Dinosaur Descendents, Lory Loft, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, Penguin Coast, Pelican Cove and the World of Darkness amongst others.

    A Visit to the Universal Studios

    Surrender yourself to endless hours of unbelievable fun and excitement when you step in to the Universal Studios, a larger-than-life theme park nestled within the Resorts World Sentosa on the Sentosa Island. Boasting more than 23 million visitors to its credit, it is your one-stop destination when you want to recreate the magic of your favourite blockbuster films and television series through mind-boggling roller coaster rides, dazzling firework cum musical shows, interactive live shows, thrilling 3D battles and 4-D adventures and other movie-themed attractions.

    Be prepared to meet your beloved screen characters in real life and profess your undying love to them during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You will be spoilt for choice with the 24 awe-inspiring attractions which have been ingeniously woven into the seven uniquely designed themed zones of Hollywood, New York City, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. Choose your pick from the enviable silver screen ensemble and forget the world outside as you find yourself completely engrossed in the immersive experience. Themed shopping outlets and lip-smacking dining options make this rendezvous an event par excellence!

    Sentosa Excursion

    Attracting tourists in hordes, the popular island resort of Sentosa is a must-visit when you set sail to discover the magnificence of the Lion City. Located on the picturesque Sentosa Island, Sentosa is a tourist’s delight with its innumerable attractions that range from wax museum, butterfly garden and theme park to beaches and chartered boats. Wildlife enthusiasts will have a gala time when they make headway for the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. Not that the rest have anything to lose. With over 15000 live butterflies and 3000 species of rare insects to feast your eyes upon, you will hardly realise how the time went by as you lap up all that there is know about these stunning creations of Mother Nature. Once you have enriched your know-how of the petite beings, shift you focus to the rich marine life on earth with a visit to the S.E.A. Aquarium. Marvel at the stunning display of more than 100,000 underwater animals looking at you nonchalantly from the other side of the water tank.

    Just in case you desire a masterpiece to conclude this mesmerising tour, then book your tickets for an evening soiree with the award-winning outdoor show called Wings of Time. Find yourself captivated with the striking water displays, water fountains and laser shows amidst the backdrop of the majestic open sea and soothing music. Scream with delight every time the screen lights up with fascinating fire effects such as flame bursts. Just what you needed to leave Sentosa with memories that promise to stay with you for a lifetime!

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