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    The concept of honeymoon for newlyweds started in the 19th Century in Great Britain. From there the rest of Europe caught on terming it as the English-style voyage with France being the first to get on to the honeymoon band wagon in 1820. India too caught on to the honeymoon bug and Darjeeling in West Bengal became a great place for honeymooners to go to.

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    Darjeeling was the summer resort for the British during their rule. Darjeeling is located on the lower parts of the Himalayas at an elevation of 6,700 feet qualifying to be a hill station. The hill station is famous for its Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a narrow gauge railway that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Darjeeling is also known for its location from where the world’s third highest peak, Kanchenjunga can be seen.

    Indians seem to like hill stations as honeymoon destinations. Perhaps the cold climate makes them come closer physically and consequently they can come closer in spirit as well. Darjeeling is a popular destination for newlyweds. The hill station offers several exciting options to spend quality time there.

    A ride on the Toy Train is a must-do activity. The newlyweds can enjoy the ride in each other’s company viewing the sights as the train chugs by at an amiable speed.

    A trek through the Singalila Range is a daunting as well as a humbling exercise. The trekker huts along the route are a welcome respite to catch one’s breath.

    The River Teesta and the River Rangeet offer excellent white water rafting that should titillate the newlyweds to cling to each other more tightly. The rafting is a great way to see nature in all its glory – inside the boat and the views of the slopes while rafting down the river.

    Bird lovers among the newlyweds would love Darjeeling for the sheer variety of birds to be found here. Over 850 species of birds are found here taking advantage of the climatic conditions prevailing in the region which lies between an elevation of 3,000 feet and 20,000 feet.

    Similarly some of the honeymooners could like butterflies. They will not be disappointed as more than 1200 butterfly species can be found here. Darjeeling is known to contain the richest butterfly collection in the orient.

    A ride on the Cable Car is a grand experience as one can see the tea gardens in all its green glory below. Moreover, the low lying clouds will give the newlyweds company as they glide from Darjeeling to Singla Bazar.

    The Rock Garden and the Ganga Maya Park host natural waterfalls. There is boating on the waters which will enable one to spend time in privacy enjoying the vast scenic beauty of the region.

    Darjeeling is a place to be simply there. The towering and imposing backdrop of the Himalayas is alone enough to touch the hearts of any newlywed couple. The sheer magnificence of the Kanchenjunga is breathtaking. The rich colorful flora of the area comprising magnolias, rhododendrons, tea gardens and silver firs complement the undulating slopes of the majestic mountains to paint picture of lasting beauty.

    Musafir.com provides tailor made packages for honeymooners. There is a package for everyone to cater to individual tastes and preferences.

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