Bali - Island of the Gods

    Bali in Indonesia, is the perfect interface of cultural borrowings from different nations and its own rich ethnic heritage. With undeniable historical influences from the Portuguese and the Dutch principally, Bali, an island, has begun to preponderate the world in ways more than one. From holding ASEAN summits to international pageant competitions, Bali has successfully made its presence felt to the world.

    Demographically, Bali is an interesting assortment of religious communities - the Hindus, the Muslims, the Buddhists and the Christians. It, possibly, is endowed with some of the most attractive beaches in the world. As a result, the place has steadily risen up to the top rung in the list of best beach destinations in the world. Its historic richness, geographic diversity, amiable climatic conditions, and cosmopolitan outlook en bloc makes it one of the most preferred destinations.

    How to reach Bali?

    To reach Bali, you will have to complete a journey of 13kms beginning from the Ngurah Rai International Airport to Denpasar.
    Also, for a change, you may choose to reach Bali in a cruise liner. To achieve this, you will have to take a flight to either Java, Sumatra or Singapore and then sail your way to Bali in a ship.

    Best time to travel

    Bali is mostly accessible all round the year to world travellers. It has a tropical monsoon climate and hence has both the dry and wet seasons. Take a look at this before you sit yourself down to get to planning a trip to Bali.

    May-October - This is the time when you can witness some of the best tidal waves. This is simply a tailor-made time for the surfers.

    Travel around in Bali

    Ramble as much as you can, as the best of a beach destination is tucked away in the nooks and crannies. These beautiful corners are only accessible to a walker. But of course if you do not appreciate the plan, you always have other options - get yourself a bike or a car on rent, or else, a ‘dokar’! A dokar is a teeny horse-cart that fits to a T if you desire to soak in the earthy atmosphere during a slow and relaxing journey.

    Places you must visit in Bali

    Bali reveals kaleidoscopic facets that are bound to leave you mesmerised. Experience Bali to create your own timeless memories. These fabulous places around bali give you a glimpse of this Island of Gods.

    Honeymoon hotspot

    Bali, for a honeymooning couple, is a paradise to be at. Its untarnished beaches and cool, clear waters that come washing the feet, have a calming effect on the mind. And the green environment within which Bali has come up, makes the destination even more felicitous for the newly-wed couples.

    There are umpteen places a honeymooning couple can go to. Here is an assortment of places that will be apt keeping in mind the honeymoon mood.

    Street food in Bali

    It will be a crime to go somewhere and give its street food a miss. Bali too has some wonderful and appetizing local food. You will be surprised with the wide diversity of its cuisine. Here is a list of the top-favorites from the street of Bali - Sate, Nasi Jinggo, Pisang Rai, Laklak, Bakso and Terang Bulan. In these delicacies, your palate will meet coconut, meat, pork, seafood, eggplant, noodles, coconut milk, cheese, nuts and what-not.

    Indian food in Bali

    If it is quite a challenge for you to let go off the Indian food while in Bali, you do not have to fret, for there are places galore where you can get authentic Indian food.

    Whether a bowl of Indian piquant savouries or the famous and delicious daal, butter chicken, daal makhani or chicken; or a plate of toothsome cheese naan or chicken tikka; or simply the delectable Indian desserts curry, you will get it all. Here is a listicle of the best of the lot - Atithi, Queen’s Tandoor, Queens of India, Malaika Secret Moksha, Gateway of India and Indian Delites.


    Ubud Art Market, Seminyak Village, Monkey Forest Road, Candi Kuning Market and many more suchlike shopping hubs will you come across in Bali. From souvenirs and clothing to food and curios, in Bali, you can literally shop till you drop.


    Bali is well-known for a colourful night life too. There are multitudinous places here that will not disappoint the party-lover in you. From underground music renditions to live performances, an electrifying atmosphere is built up with the help of world-class cocktails, beverages and food.