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    Travelling is one of the best adventures one can experience in life and hence it should be done as often as possible. It opens us up to new opportunities and discoveries’ which lets the essence of adventure linger in our mind for a long time. Modern life has become extremely busy and people find it very hard to make time for vacations. As holidays are hard to come by, exotic places should be frequented as much as possible. However, cheap flight tickets are very hard to find. Ticket prices fluctuate heavily and getting the most suitable deal for domestic air tickets requires a bit of luck. By analyzing the list of available domestic flights, cheap domestic tickets can be procured.

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    About New Delhi

    New Delhi is not only India’s political capital, but also ranks as one of the most important cities of the nation. The multi cultural outlook and cosmopolitan culture has helped propel New Delhi’s growth and economic progress. New Delhi is also famous for its numerous transportation options while Delhi’s metro holds the honor of being the country’s first modern transportation system.

    About the Airport for New Delhi Flights

    New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is located in Palam and has 96 automatic travelators /walkways while also boasting of 95 Immigration counters. This extremely busy airport plays an instrumental role in regulating the country’s tourism industry and business operations.

    New Delhi Airport Address

    Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Delhi-110037

    About Rajkot

    Rajkot is amongst the cleanest cities in the country and the 26th largest city of India and also the 22nd fastest growing urban area of the world. Located on the banks of Aji River and Nyari River, Rajkot is famous for its textile printing units.

    About the airport for Rajkot flights

    The busiest airport in Saurashtra region and third busiest in Gujarat, Rajkot Airport can handle up to 125 passengers at a time. With a single terminal and one runaway, plans are ongoing to expand the airport and extend the runway to accommodate bigger planes to address concerns with regards to capacity constraints.

    Rajkot Airport Address

    Rajkot Airport, Airport Rd, Gandhidham, Rajkot, Gujarat-360006.

    What is the frequency of flights from New Delhi to Rajkot?

    The flight frequency between these two cities is a paltry seven flights a week.

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