Cheap Domestic Flights

    Nothing quite compares to the sheer joy and exhilaration you experience before embarking on that thoroughly merited, long-awaited holiday. The last thing that should deter you when you're planning a well-deserved holiday is the price of domestic flights. There are several cheap domestic flights you can avail of, if you scour the internet for good deals and offers. Besides that, there are a few pointers and guidelines which you can adhere to, to avoid possible disappointment and ensure you get to go on that well-deserved break.

    Be flexible

    Being inflexible in your travel dates can often lead to the entire vacation getting shelved altogether. This is the key to getting cheap flights. Say, you're travelling with a bunch of friends or family members, who are scattered in different parts of the country, it becomes imperative that you work your schedules to suit everyone. However, inflexibility owing to your work schedule or family responsibilities can lead to uncertainty, and eventually end up with you gazing at pretty snaps of the destination, instead of you actually going there. If you prepare for some flexibility, you will be less inclined to stress over the expenditure.

    Do not under-budget

    It becomes absolutely paramount that you take into consideration each and every expense from hotel and taxes, to local travel charges and tips to ensure you're not caught off-guard. These pesky expenses can end up adding thousands of rupees to that initial budget you earmarked, so it pays to read the fine print carefully. It's also important to consult your travel provider to make certain that they properly detail out your holiday, so that you know exactly what is included in the total price, and thus possibly avoid an unsavoury incident in the end.

    Do not forget key dates

    If you are planning a vacation with your partner and you forgot to factor in your child's birthday or a best friend's engagement, it could end up leaving you in a soup. Alternately, travelling on public holidays can see an inflation in price. You may not get cheap domestic flights on these dates as well.

    Always have a backup plan

    Always, always have a contingency plan and if possible, additional backup plans over and above the contingency plan to ensure you have all your bases covered. This ensures that when things inevitably go awry, you not only have a backup, but an additional backup as well.

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