Bhopal to Kuwait flights

    Travelling with friends is the best way to travel – either backpack round the world with them or take a weekend trip to a different city, without an itinerary. That’s right! Try to figure out the transportation, local dialect and places to visit in a foreign land on spot and you are sure to come back with memories and experiences to be told over and over again. Just to be on a safer side, book your international flight tickets or domestic flight tickets well in advance.

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    About Bhopal

    Nestled over hills and two beautiful lakes; Bhopal is home to numerous architecture, monuments and historical places. The capital of Madhya Pradesh; Bhopal is the perfect blend of tradition and novelty. Marvel at the beautiful Islamic buildings from the 19th century, and then unwind at the boat club near the Upper lake (a manmade lake).it is easy to get lost in the scenic and relaxing atmosphere of the place but you also have the National Park, Aquarium and the regional science center to visit. This extraordinary city will never fail to tire an enthusiastic traveler.

    About the airport for Bhopal flights

    The Raja Bhoj airport has one terminal for international flights. It also boasts of decent facilities for passengers, like duty free shopping, ATM counters, pharmacies, food court, etc.

    Bhopal Airport address

    Raja bhoj airport Gandhi Nagar Bhopal – 462036 Madhya Pradesh Airport address

    About Kuwait City

    This busting metropolis skyline is a sight to behold. The city is marked by excellent museums, stunning architecture, world class aquarium within the scientific center, fantastic beaches, and busting markets with antique atmosphere. Reserve a day for their open air marketplace or Souq – sample local delicacies, shop for woolens, black khol eyeliner, gold spangled dresses and handicrafts. There are many different ways of spending time in this beautiful city making your visit fun and exciting.

    About the airport for Kuwait city

    The international airport is a busy, single terminal with a wide variety of shops (duty free and retail), restaurants, ATMs and currency exchange open 24/7 both at the arrival and departure level. Additionally, the airport’s first class lounge can also be accessed by economy class passengers for a fee.

    Kuwait city Airport Address

    Kuwait International airport, Gazali Expressway Kuwait City

    What is the frequency of flights from Bhopal to Kuwait City?

    Almost 30 one-stop flights per week take off from Bhopal for Kuwait. These flights halt at either Mumbai or Delhi.

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