Domestic Tour Packages

    • Imagica 3-in-1 Fun & Frolic

      Imagica 3-in-1 Fun & Frolic

      3-in-1 fun-filled entertainment

      From Rs 4,800
    • Adventure Unlimited: Imagica

      Adventure Unlimited: Imagica

      Fascinating Weekend at Imagica

      From Rs 4,700
    • Verdant beauty of Corbett

      Verdant beauty of Corbett

      Feel the thrill of encountering wilderness

      From Rs 10,800
    • Moments At Mussoorie

      Moments At Mussoorie

      The magic of Mussoorie on a weekend

      From Rs 11,400
    • Glimpse Of Nainital

      Glimpse Of Nainital

      A holiday among greenery of Nainital

      From Rs 12,500
    • Nainital Forever

      Nainital Forever

      Pristine beauty amidst hills

      From Rs 16,800
    • Holy Wilderness Trail

      Holy Wilderness Trail

      The perfect mix of spirituality and adventure

      From Rs 14,100
    • Sacred Shirdi

      Sacred Shirdi

      Spend the weekend in spiritual devotion

      From Rs 8,800
    • Fabulous Goa

      Fabulous Goa

      Experience the magic of Goa in comfort...

      From Rs 6,600
    • Pristine Uttarakhand

      Pristine Uttarakhand

      Experience the beauty of Mussoorie, Rishikesh and Haridwar

      From Rs 16,800
    • Holy Ganges at Uttarakhand

      Holy Ganges at Uttarakhand

      A spiritual escape by the Ganges

      From Rs 9,800
    • Wilderness of Uttarakhand

      Wilderness of Uttarakhand

      A wild escape in Uttarakhand

      From Rs 17,400
    • Queen of Hills - Ooty

      Queen of Hills - Ooty

      A holiday in the lush green hills of Ooty

      From Rs 9,700
    • Divine Tamil Nadu

      Divine Tamil Nadu

      Explore the beauty of Tamil Nadu...

      From Rs 11,600
    • Ethereal Tamil Nadu

      Ethereal Tamil Nadu

      Explore the rich history of Tamil Nadu.

      From Rs 15,200
    • Stunning Tamil Nadu

      Stunning Tamil Nadu

      Capture the finest pieces of architecture in Southern India.

      From Rs 14,800
    • Love in the Mountains

      Love in the Mountains

      Get pampered in Kodaikanal & Ooty.

      From Rs 21,500
    • Holy Char Dham Yatra

      Holy Char Dham Yatra

      India's most sacred pilgrimage circuit

      From Rs 36,300
    • Alluring Andaman Islands

      Alluring Andaman Islands

      Explore the pristine beaches ...

      From Rs 9,600
    • Shimmering Islands of Andaman

      Shimmering Islands of Andaman

      Create ever-lasting memories in Andaman Islands

      From Rs 5,700
    • Soothing Waters of Andaman

      Soothing Waters of Andaman

      Experience the various colours of Andaman

      From Rs 17,500
    • Andaman Uninterrupted

      Andaman Uninterrupted

      Sense the novelties of the wild as you explore the uninterrupted,nov...

      From Rs 33,200
    • Nature’s Echo: Andaman

      Nature’s Echo: Andaman

      Enjoy your stay in the beautiful Andaman

      From Rs 34,700
    • Nature’s blessing: Andaman

      Nature’s blessing: Andaman

      Indulge in the beauties that Andaman has to offer

      From Rs 11,400
    • Untouched beauty of Andaman

      Untouched beauty of Andaman

      Explore the beautiful Andaman

      From Rs 8,000
    • Splendid Goa

      Splendid Goa

      Fulfill your long awaited desires in the land of abundant beaches.

      From Rs 13,200
    • Gorgeous Goa

      Gorgeous Goa

      Have unlimited fun in Goa...

      From Rs 5,400
    • Majestic Fort Jadhavgadh

      Majestic Fort Jadhavgadh

      Stay at Maharashtra’s only Fort Heritage Hotel.

      From Rs 11,300
    • Divine Nashik

      Divine Nashik

      A weekend that gives you the perfect mix

      From Rs 8,600
    • Majestic Pune

      Majestic Pune

      A city of many wonders

      From Rs 9,900
    • Flavours of Rajasthan

      Flavours of Rajasthan

      Discover love amidst heritage

      From Rs 19,100
    • Saga of Love and Royalty

      Saga of Love and Royalty

      Rajasthan never fails to amaze you

      From Rs 19,100
    • A journey into the past : Agra

      A journey into the past : Agra

      Witness the grandeur of Mughal era that envelopes this city

      From Rs 6,700
    • The Royalty of Jaipur

      The Royalty of Jaipur

      Experience the endless magic of this princely town

      From Rs 6,700
    • Magnificent Rajasthan

      Magnificent Rajasthan

      Explore the rich culture of Rajasthan.

      From Rs 14,700
    • Regal Rajasthan

      Regal Rajasthan

      Visit the princely state of Rajasthan...

      From Rs 21,200
    • Attractive Udaipur

      Attractive Udaipur

      A long weekend getaway in Udaipur...

      From Rs 9,200
    • Royal Rajasthan

      Royal Rajasthan

      Explore the colourful side of Rajasthan.

      From Rs 19,400
    • Colours of Rajasthan

      Colours of Rajasthan

      Paint your soul with the pink and blue hues of Jaipur and Jodhpur

      From Rs 27,100
    • Fairy tale city of Udaipur

      Fairy tale city of Udaipur

      Have a love-affair with the sprawling lakes and ethereal palaces of...

      From Rs 6,800
    • Rejoice in the Beauty of Agra...

      Rejoice in the Beauty of Agra...

      Visit some of the most renowned structures of Agra and Jaipur

      From Rs 14,400
    • Offbeat Jaipur

      Offbeat Jaipur

      Unearth the hidden gems of Jaipur...

      From Rs 8,900
    • Serene Kerala

      Serene Kerala

      Visit the green corner of India...

      From Rs 28,000
    • Peaceful Kerala

      Peaceful Kerala

      Family fun in gorgeous Kerala...

      From Rs 20,300
    • Fascinating Kerala

      Fascinating Kerala

      Romance amidst the serene nature...

      From Rs 35,300
    • Splendid Kerala

      Splendid Kerala

      Slow your stride in a blissful place..

      From Rs 28,900
    • Blissful Kerala

      Blissful Kerala

      Exlpore god's own country...

      From Rs 15,200
    • Calm waters of Kerala

      Calm waters of Kerala

      Watch nature at its best with the sights and sceneries of Kerala

      From Rs 25,800
    • Balmy Kerala

      Balmy Kerala

      Enjoy the kaleidoscopic beauty of Kerala with this tour

      From Rs 19,900
    • God's own country Kerala

      God's own country Kerala

      Feel the charm of Kerala and get mesmerized with its beauty.

      From Rs 21,200
    • Solitude in Andaman

      Solitude in Andaman

      Embrace the best of nature and solitude in the lovely island of Andaman

      From Rs 20,000
    • Solely Hassan

      Solely Hassan

      Explore the historic sights of Hassan

      From Rs 9,400
    • Mesmerising Bandipur with Mysore

      Mesmerising Bandipur with Mysore

      The charm of two gets packed into one holiday

      From Rs 17,600
    • Mesmerising Bandipur

      Mesmerising Bandipur

      Weekend in wilderness. Experience the beauty of Bandipur!

      From Rs 14,800
    • Breathtaking Tamil Nadu

      Breathtaking Tamil Nadu

      Explore gorgeous Mysore & Ooty

      From Rs 11,800
    • Leisurely Coorg with Mysore

      Leisurely Coorg with Mysore

      Enjoy a blend of nature and culture

      From Rs 15,000
    • Leisurely Coorg

      Leisurely Coorg

      Enjoy the scenic Coorg.

      From Rs 12,500
    • Awesome Araku Valley

      Awesome Araku Valley

      Explore the beautiful Visakhapatnam...

      From Rs 10,600
    • Peaks of South India

      Peaks of South India

      The best that Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have to offer.

      From Rs 19,500
    • Scenic Nilgiri

      Scenic Nilgiri

      Explore the hill stations of Nilgiri...

      From Rs 16,200
    • Evergreen South India

      Evergreen South India

      Experience the evergreen peaks of South India.

      From Rs 16,200
    • Scintillating South

      Scintillating South

      Discover the majestic hills of South India...

      From Rs 15,200
    • Remarkable South

      Remarkable South

      Explore the hill stations of ...

      From Rs 11,500
    • Serenity of Kathmandu

      Serenity of Kathmandu

      Visit some of the most sought after Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage ce...

      From Rs 5,200
    • Nature’s abode Kathmandu

      Nature’s abode Kathmandu

      Explore the sceneries of Nepal and watch how the Himalayas embrace i...

      From Rs 11,500
    • Subtle Beauty of Kathmandu

      Subtle Beauty of Kathmandu

      Go in and around Kathmandu and witness nature’s abundancei

      From Rs 10,400
    • Marvels of Kathmandu

      Marvels of Kathmandu

      Visit some of the most renowned tourist destinations of Kathmandu an...

      From Rs 7,500
    • Mesmerising Sights of Nepal

      Mesmerising Sights of Nepal

      Embark upon a tour that takes you through some of the most revelled...

      From Rs 16,700
    • Ethereal Nepal

      Ethereal Nepal

      Bask in nature’s bounty as you embark upon this extensive tour into...

      From Rs 55,800
    • Blissful Beauty of Nepal

      Blissful Beauty of Nepal

      Head out to see some of the most spectacular landmarks of Nepal with...

      From Rs 14,400
    • Pristine Pachmarhi

      Pristine Pachmarhi

      This hill station is an experience of a lifetime

      From Rs 12,600
    • Forests of Madhya Pradesh

      Forests of Madhya Pradesh

      A wild experience in the forests of Madhya Pradesh

      From Rs 17,800
    • Divine Madhya Pradesh

      Divine Madhya Pradesh

      Experience the culture and stunning heritage!

      From Rs 23,000
    • Into the wild, Madhya Pradesh

      Into the wild, Madhya Pradesh

      Where else would you find the magic of the wilderness at its best -...

      From Rs 15,200
    • Majestic Madhya Pradesh

      Majestic Madhya Pradesh

      Experience the royal impressions of those who ruled in the past in M...

      From Rs 20,700
    • Surreal Ladakh

      Surreal Ladakh

      Where beauty is beyond imagination...

      From Rs 23,500
    • Picturesque Ladakh

      Picturesque Ladakh

      Witness the magic unfold....

      From Rs 29,200
    • The beauty of Ladakh

      The beauty of Ladakh

      Experience the magic of Ladakh and stay mesmerised

      From Rs 20,500
    • Glimpse of Ladakh

      Glimpse of Ladakh

      Have a lovely time in Leh

      From Rs 9,000
    • Highlights Of Ladakh

      Highlights Of Ladakh

      Experience the surreal beauty of Leh

      From Rs 15,500
    • Marvellous Kashmir

      Marvellous Kashmir

      Lose yourself in the soulful beauty of the Kashmir, Pahalgam and Gul...

      From Rs 15,200
    • Enchanting Valleys of Kashmir

      Enchanting Valleys of Kashmir

      Fall in love with nature’s artistry as you visit Srinagar and Pahalgam

      From Rs 17,300
    • Ethereal Beauty of Kashmir

      Ethereal Beauty of Kashmir

      Get a glimpse of heaven as you explore Kashmir and its enchanting va...

      From Rs 19,200
    • Nature’s Bounty in Kashmir

      Nature’s Bounty in Kashmir

      Witness remarkable natural beauty, as you travel through Srinagar, G...

      From Rs 20,700
    • Resplendent Jammu Kashmir

      Resplendent Jammu Kashmir

      Experience an amalgamation of spirituality and nature

      From Rs 22,000
    • Bedazzling Kashmir

      Bedazzling Kashmir

      Marvel at nature’s artistic excellence

      From Rs 12,000
    • Discover Ladakh

      Discover Ladakh

      Uncover the beauty of Ladakh...

      From Rs 14,100
    • Tailor-made holidays

      Tailor-made holidays

      Let our travel experts plan your holiday ...

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