Reasons for Thailand Visa Rejection

    This southwest Asian country known for tropical sandy beaches, cultural ancients remains and lots of Buddha temples. People apply for Thailand visa to fulfill their desire to travel to different countries.

    Different Type of Visa in Thailand

    • Tourist Visa - This visa has 60 days validity which can be extended to 30 more days on request.
    • Non-Immigrant Visa - Entitled for single entry, this permit can be used for 90 days. With this visa, one can open a bank account or apply for a work permit. Without a bank account, Thailand visa rejection could happen.
    • One Year Non-Immigrant Visa - This multiple entry visa is a validity of one year, but you can use for a maximum of 90 days in a stretch. After ninety days, you need to get stamped your visa again at the border.
    • Marriage Visa and Retirement Visa - To get the visa, you must marry to a Thai national. For retirement visa, your age should be fifty years or more.
    • Another Visa is Business Visa and permanent resident visa.

    Visa rejection causes

    There are so many reasons for Thailand visa rejection but here are some of the most common experienced by the people who have applied for a permit.

    • Improper Explanation - This is the most common reason for visa rejection. Inform, people failed to explain that why they would return to Thailand. This happened mostly in tourist's visa. This is the top reason for Thailand visa refusal in tourism category.
    • Confusion Between Applicant & Sponsor - This case frequently occurs in work visa in which sponsor say something and applicant reason for visa application will be different. This leads to confusion and ultimately become visa rejection reason. To avoid your visa cancellation, one must make sure that applicant & sponsor should b on the same page.
    • Complete Document Details - Self-employed people failed to provide full documentary evidence. They need to provide company accounts, bank statements and registration number with government authority.
    • Silly Mistakes Cost Heavily - some hilarious reason also comes into light which causes Thailand visa refusal. Like if you are staying with your family in one room flat, you are unhealthy, and on medical grounds, your visa would be rejected. The reason is overcrowding.
    • Visa application process these days is a document based process. Every claim needs to be supported by written evidence from authorities. This info will help you to avoid committing major visa rejection reasons.

    Things to Remember

    • Keep these things in mind while applying for Thailand visa to avoid visa rejection.
    • Before submitting an application form, make sure forms are filled and signed.
    • Never Provide incorrect information, always remain truthful & provide correct documents.
    • Provide maximum supporting documents to validate your points.
    • Use authorized medium only and avoid middleman while applying for a visa.

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