Reasons for Malaysia visa rejection

    Malaysia is one of the most preferred countries to visit among the tourists. The diversity and uniqueness of Malaysian culture along with the beautiful sights has always attracted the eyes of the visitors. As a result, many visitors visit this country in the year. To reduce Malaysia visa refusal, the basics should be understood.

    Types of visas:

    Lack of this knowledge can be the cause of Malaysia visa rejection.

    • Single Entry Visa: It’s issued to people, willing to visit the country just once. It is valid for 3 months from the issue date.
    • Multiple Entry Visa: This type of visa is given to the businessman who needs to visit the country more than once. It is for 3-12 months.
    • Transit Visa: Transit Visa is issued for those people, who want to transit to another country from Malaysia.

    Visa rejection causes

    There can be many reasons that cause the Malaysia visa rejection. Therefore it is very important to understand the types of visa along with the possible reasons that can cause the rejection to reduce the Malaysia visa refusal.

    Some of the main visa rejection reasons are as follows:

    • Applying in the wrong category: This is one of the basic reasons which cause the rejection of the visas. The applicants are not sure in which category they should apply for the visa and thus this causes rejection.
    • Bad last experience: If you had a visa and you didn't travel to the country, then applying for the next time for the same can be a problem and can be one of the visa rejection reasons.
    • Insufficient funds: If you don't have enough bank balance then also your visa can get canceled because some countries require 3-month bank statement as a proof of stability.

    How to avoid visa rejections:

    To avoid the visa rejection you should try and be cooperative with the department an all the formalities.

    Things to Remember

    • Provide authentic information
    • Choose the right agency and method
    • Provide all the legal documents
    • Specify the exact reason for the visit
    Don’ts of visa
    • You have to show original documents at passport office not photocopy
    • Your current visa type, if you are already on your visa then you can’t change it.

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