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    This monsoon, plan your holidays with special sale from IndiGo. Get unbelievable domestic fares starting from just Rs 999* all-in. Surprising, isn't it? Well it's true! Get ready to travel. Book till July 8, 2018 for travel period mentioned below.

    Airline Travel Period
    IndiGo Travel between July 4 - September 27, 2018.
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    Check out the amazing fares below:

    Origin Destination All-in fares
    ChennaiBengaluruRs 999
    DehradunDelhiRs 999
    DelhiChandigarhRs 999
    DelhiDehradunRs 999
    DelhiJaipurRs 999
    Agartala Guwahati Rs 1,799
    Ahmedabad Chennai Rs 2,079
    Ahmedabad Delhi Rs 1,799
    Ahmedabad Hyderabad Rs 1,799
    Ahmedabad Jaipur Rs 1,650
    Ahmedabad Mumbai Rs 1,349
    Ahmedabad Pune Rs 1,401
    Bagdogra Delhi Rs 2,709
    Bagdogra Kolkata Rs 1,669
    Bengaluru Chennai Rs 1,401
    Bengaluru Delhi Rs 2,899
    Bengaluru Hubli Rs 1,701
    Bengaluru Hyderabad Rs 1,401
    Bengaluru Kochi Rs 1,299
    Bengaluru Kolkata Rs 3,199
    Bengaluru Kozhikode Rs 1,899
    Bengaluru Mangalore Rs 1,599
    Bengaluru Mumbai Rs 1,899
    Bengaluru Pune Rs 1,831
    Chandigarh Delhi Rs 1,301
    Chennai Ahmedabad Rs 2,301
    Chennai Delhi Rs 3,119
    Chennai Goa Rs 1,819
    Chennai Guwahati Rs 4,899
    Chennai Hyderabad Rs 1,290
    Chennai Kolkata Rs 2,499
    Chennai Kozhikode Rs 1,999
    Chennai Madurai Rs 1,199
    Chennai Mangalore Rs 1,801
    Chennai Mumbai Rs 1,800
    Chennai Patna Rs 3,777
    Chennai Pune Rs 1,999
    Chennai Visakhapatnam Rs 1,999
    Delhi Ahmedabad Rs 1,699
    Delhi Bagdogra Rs 2,839
    Delhi Bengaluru Rs 2,599
    Delhi Chennai Rs 3,049
    Delhi Goa Rs 3,099
    Delhi Guwahati Rs 3,029
    Delhi Hyderabad Rs 1,729
    Delhi Kochi Rs 3,801
    Delhi Kolkata Rs 2,299
    Delhi Mumbai Rs 2,200
    Delhi Pune Rs 2,769
    Delhi Srinagar Rs 1,747
    Delhi Varanasi Rs 1,799
    Dibrugarh Guwahati Rs 2,099
    Goa Chennai Rs 2,058
    Goa Delhi Rs 2,998
    Goa Hyderabad Rs 1,848
    Goa Mumbai Rs 1,698
    Guwahati Agartala Rs 2,217
    Guwahati Chennai Rs 5,217
    Guwahati Delhi Rs 3,443
    Guwahati Kolkata Rs 1,817
    Hubli Bengaluru Rs 1,401
    Hyderabad Ahmedabad Rs 1,799
    Hyderabad Bengaluru Rs 1,449
    Hyderabad Chennai Rs 1,799
    Hyderabad Delhi Rs 2,299
    Hyderabad Goa Rs 1,851
    Hyderabad Madurai Rs 2,999
    Hyderabad Mangalore Rs 3,099
    Hyderabad Mumbai Rs 1,799
    Hyderabad Tirupati Rs 1,999
    Hyderabad Vijayawada Rs 1,699
    Hyderabad Visakhapatnam Rs 1,799
    Jaipur Ahmedabad Rs 1,901
    Jaipur Delhi Rs 1,499
    Jaipur Udaipur Rs 1,599
    Kochi Bengaluru Rs 1,139
    Kochi Delhi Rs 3,899
    Kochi Mumbai Rs 2,199
    Kochi Pune Rs 3,199
    Kolkata Bagdogra Rs 1,979
    Kolkata Bengaluru Rs 3,501
    Kolkata Chennai Rs 3,099
    Kolkata Delhi Rs 2,709
    Kolkata Guwahati Rs 1,999
    Kolkata Mumbai Rs 3,599
    Kolkata Patna Rs 1,641
    Kozhikode Bengaluru Rs 1,799
    Kozhikode Chennai Rs 2,099
    Madurai Chennai Rs 1,201
    Madurai Hyderabad Rs 2,499
    Mangalore Bengaluru Rs 1,501
    Mangalore Chennai Rs 2,099
    Mangalore Hyderabad Rs 2,699
    Mumbai Ahmedabad Rs 1,299
    Mumbai Bengaluru Rs 1,799
    Mumbai Chennai Rs 1,899
    Mumbai Delhi Rs 2,501
    Mumbai Goa Rs 1,599
    Mumbai Hyderabad Rs 1,299
    Mumbai Kochi Rs 2,299
    Mumbai Kolkata Rs 3,099
    Mumbai Surat Rs 1,719
    Mumbai Varanasi Rs 2,059
    Patna Bengaluru Rs 3,189
    Patna Kolkata Rs 1,299
    Pune Ahmedabad Rs 1,499
    Pune Bengaluru Rs 1,749
    Pune Chennai Rs 2,299
    Pune Delhi Rs 2,831
    Pune Kochi Rs 3,501
    Srinagar Delhi Rs 2,399
    Surat Delhi Rs 2,099
    Surat Mumbai Rs 1,671
    Tirupati Hyderabad Rs 1,599
    Udaipur Jaipur Rs 1,501
    Varanasi Delhi Rs 1,999
    Varanasi Mumbai Rs 2,598
    Vijayawada Hyderabad Rs 1,036
    Visakhapatnam Chennai Rs 2,199
    Visakhapatnam Hyderabad Rs 1,399
    Visakhapatnam Kolkata Rs 1,699


    • The offer is valid only on select IndiGodomestic flights and is governed by the airline terms and conditions.
    • Offer only valid for direct individual travel purchases of domestic flights for adults and children purchased online on
    • The Offer is available on limited seats on selected sectors and flights. Regular fares will be payable in the event the relevant seats are sold out.
    • The fares paid for tickets purchased under this Offer are non-refundable upon cancellation by the customer. On cancellation, only statutory taxes will be refunded.
    • Change in itinerary can be made by paying the applicable change fee and fare difference.
    • This offer can't be combined with any other offer and is not applicable on group bookings.
    • Seats are subject to availability.
    • Offer not valid for pre-packaged trips, trips booked by travel agents or in conjunction with any other offer.
    • India Private Limited reserves the right to withdraw this offer at its discretion and without prior notice.

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