Checklist for Singapore visa

    Are you planning a holiday to Singapore? In order to travel to Singapore you require a Singapore Visa for which you require specific documents. During you Singapore visa application process make sure to check if you have the documents required for Singapore visa for Indians.

    Singapore Visa Requirements

    Please find below the Singapore visa requirements.

    • The first and foremost Singapore visa requirement, is to fill Form 14 A. It is the visa application form which is available online as well as at the Authorized Indian Visa Application Centers (IVAC) desk.
    • You need to carefully enter the exact details on the form as mentioned on your passport to fulfill the Singapore visa requirement norms.
    • You are required to show a copy of your flight tickets and hotel accommodation while applying for your visa.
    • If required you may have to also submit a well-planned itinerary for your duration of stay.
    • Form 14 A consists of details like name of travelers, the number of entries, the number of people traveling, date & place of birth of travelers, date of departure & date of arrival, and so on.
    • Forms with improper information or overwritten information forms will not be accepted.
    • Passports must be valid for a minimum of six months before you send the visa application.
    • The photocopy of the first and the last page is mandatory. Make sure that you get a neat photocopy of the required pages
    • There must be a covering letter attached to the Singapore visa application, which must depict the purpose of traveling, whether it is a business trip or a holiday trip.
    • In case, if you are visiting your relatives in Singapore, you need to submit a letter of invitation duly signed by them.
    • Along with the above documents, you also have to submit two passport size photographs of the all the applicants traveling. The size of the photograph must be 45 mm by 35 mm. It must not be tampered or damaged.
    • The passport size photograph must be submitted mus be a full face image on a white background. Reason being, it is easier to scan, process and cross check the travelers’ identity.

    You need to keep in mind the above-mentioned points to maintain a proper documents folder to submit. Proper document arrangement will assist you in qualifying for the Singapore visa application as per the specified time.

    Further to your application, also acknowledge the following:

    • Generally, it takes 5 working days to process the Singapore visa application. The process may get delayed in case the travellers identity goes for further screening.
    • If there is a medical case, travelling approval must be taken from the concerned authorities. You will have to attach all the relevant documents like proof of the incident. Either you can present them at the office counter or you will have to scan and send them across online.
    • A person who is traveling for the first time has to provide his / her proof of employment.
    • If your visa application is approved, you will get it in the form of a paper visa at your mailing address.
    • Remember, the Singapore visa is valid for a period of 30 days. So plan your trip accordingly.

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