Frequently Asked Questions

    International Flights

    Before you book your international flight

    • Can I search a city by entering the three-letter airport code?
    • What is an e-ticket?
    • What is a ‘direct’ flight?
    • What is an ‘indirect’ flight?
    • What is a ‘stopover’?
    • What is a transit?
    • Will I need to change airport terminals if I’m taking a connecting flight?
    • What if I don’t have enough time to catch my connecting flight?
    • Can I book ‘outbound’ and ‘return’ international flights separately?
    • Which are the different travel class for international flights?
    • What is a code-share?
    • Can I book an international flight ticket for an infant on India?

    While making the international flight booking

    After completing the international flight booking

    • How will I know if my booking is confirmed?
    • Should I re-confirm my flight bookings before I fly?
    • Where can I get my e-ticket details?
    • How can I get a flight boarding pass for an e-ticket?
    • Do I have to show my identity proof at the airport?
    • What is the baggage limit on my flight?

    Amendments, refunds and cancellations

    Other information

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