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While planning a holiday to a different country, we face several unsettling questions. And the one that stresses us out the most - How do we get a visa? It's definitely difficult to know where and how to start. We've compiled this travel visa guide to get you covered on every single detail about visa application requirements and procedures of different countries. Don't let the formalities daunt you; we want you to start your holiday on the right foot, and leave the rest on us.

  • Dubai Visa

    How to get a Dubai visa in India

    Dubai is the largest and most popular city of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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  • Malaysia Visa

    Get a Malaysia visa in 4 easy steps

    With a huge influx of Indian visitors touring Malaysia, getting a Malaysia visa has become faster and easier.

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  • Thailand Visa

    How to get a Thailand tourist visa

    This beautiful country located in South Asia, sees hoards of tourists flocking towards it every year. Now with the option of Thailand visa available at the click of a button, travelling to Thailand has become easy.

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  • Dubai Ok to Board

    Ok To Board

    Did you know that you can now get your Dubai Visa and cost-effective services like ‘OK to Board’ at India? Oh, but first, do you know all about OK to Board?

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  • Singapore Visa

    How to get Singapore tourist visa

    With the increasing tourist flow from India to Singapore, it is easier and faster to get a Singapore tourist visa for Indian passport holders.

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  • Sri Lanka Visa

    How to get a Sri Lanka tourist visa

    Sri Lanka, an island country, abundant in wildlife, adorned by beautiful beaches, and tropical forests with diverse landscapes, defines an ideal package that one would go for.

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  • 90 Days Dubai visa

    How to apply for a 90 days Dubai visa the right way

    Planning a trip to Dubai for more than a month? Then, you need a 90 days Dubai visa to enter the city

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  • Reasons for Dubai visa rejection

    Reasons for Dubai visa rejection

    Planning an international trip to Dubai can be very exhausting; selecting places of interest, compiling a list of things to do, shopping trip essentials and to top it all, getting a Dubai visa with OK to Board.

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  • Reasons For Thailand Visa Rejection

    Reasons for Thailand visa rejection

    But like every other nation, the Thailand is concerned for its citizens and the peace of the land to

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  • Countries with visa on arrival

    22 Countries with visa on arrival for Indians

    For all the travellers, here’s what you need to know about international destinations that allow Indians with a visa on arrival. Laos, Asia. This destination is famous not only for its abundant beauty, but also for its affordability and easy-going nature on the pocket.

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  • Japan Visa

    Simplifies visa rules for Indians

    Indians will now require only 3 documents for Japan visa

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  • Schengen Visa

    How To Get A Schengen Visa

    Here's all the details on getting a Schengen Visa.

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  • visa

    A Guide to Understanding Visa

    Planning a foreign trip? But not sure as to how to apply for a visa?

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  • Mexico Visa

    Travel to Mexico Without a Visa

    If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, here’s what you need to know.

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  • Turkey Visa

    Turkey visa procedure simplified

    It does not really take long to get a Visa to Turkey. In fact, you can get it in just a few days and what is even better is the fact that the process is a hassle-free one. Here is what you need to know about the Turkey Visa application.

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  • Canada Visa

    Quick facts about Canada Visa

    Canada Visa, to acquire is not a herculean task. Here is a short sneak-peek to allow you to know everything with respect to Canada Visa. Learn whatever you need to submit to get your visa in time so that you can book your flight and have a happy vacation in Canada!

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  • Phillippines Visa

    All you need to know about Philippines Visa

    So you want to go to Philippines but often get a cold feet while applying for a Philippines Visa? Possibly the reason behind is the fact that you are still in the dark when it comes to the nuts and bolts pertaining to the entire procedure.

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  • France Visa

    How to get a France Visa

    To get a visa to travel to France is not a herculean task.

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  • Spain Visa

    A pre-planner for your Spanish journey

    A holiday in Spain, you need to have a pre-planner all set.

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  • Bahrain Visa

    How To Get A Bahrain Tourist Visa

    Bahrain, a dream destination of many, can leave the traveler within you feel shackled when it comes to obtaining a Visa.

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  • Qatar Visa

    How To Get A Qatar Tourist Visa

    Wanderlust is a bug that bites us all. Once in a while we all like to pack up and take off. But picking a destination can often get tricky. With so many options to choose from, it can be quite difficult to choose a single destination.

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