How to get a France Visa

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    To get a visa to travel to France is not a herculean task. France is one of the 26 member nations that comes under the Schengen Visa. Here is what you need to know about the Schengen Visa.

    • Apply for a short-term Schengen tourist visa
    • Stay should not exceed 3 months
    • Once (single entry) or multiple times (multiple entry) permissible on the basis of the type of your visa

    Documents Necessary

    1. Your original Passport is needed. It must be valid for minimum six months onward from your return date of travel. In addition, it must have minimum one blank page on both sides for visa stamp. Do not forget to attach copies of old passports showing your travel history.

    2. Filled Visa application form

    3. Confirm return air ticket

    4. Original cover letter from applicant with details regarding passport and expenses along with travel history including purpose of visit. The letter should be duly signed by authorized signatory with company stamp and addressed to ‘Consulate General of France, Mumbai’

    5. Photocopies of salary slip of last 3 months

    6. Two recent passport-size photographs with matte finish. While the dimensions of the image should be 35mm x 45mm, there must be 70% face coverage and white background

    7. Bank statement reflecting transactions of last 6 months, with the print of the bank name and telephone number unflawed

    8. Hotel confirmation as per travel itinerary

    9. Original and copy of personal ITR of the last 3 years

    10. Additional fee for courier charges is applicable if the applicant's place of collection of documents is in a place other than Mumbai

    The Procedure

    • Get the above mentioned documents well organised along with the filled form
    • You are required to submit the documents at the Embassy of France
    • Post-submission, you will be called to attend an interview at the Embassy where your biometric results will also be recorded

    To learn further in details refer to France Visa

    Note :

    Another important thing to note is that the Schengen Visa allows you to travel to 26 European countries including France. So the question that arises is, in case of a trip comprising multiple European countries, which country should you apply the Schengen Visa with? The answer is, you have to apply for Schengen Visa with the country you will spend most of the time in.

    For instance, you will stay in Portugal for 4 days, Spain for 5 days and France for 10 days, then you have to apply your visa with France. On the other hand, if your stay is equally divided between two or more countries, then you must apply with the country you will visit in the first place.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra