A pre-planner for your Spanish journey

  • Spain

    Holidays are often one of the most exciting times of the year and when you plan a holiday for Spain, you need to have a pre-planner all set. Spain offers plenty of attractions that are filled with excitement and adventure, from relaxing in the sun on beaches to discovering historical monuments and admiring beautiful natural landscapes.

    Here are some of the tips to help you plan a perfect Spanish holiday.

    1. Identify places of interest

    Before you decide to hop on to a plane, you must identify the places to visit in Spain. It is a large country with many provinces that have quaint towns, villages and impressive cities.

    2. Buy a travel guide on Spain

    There are so many places to explore, buy a book about travel in Spain so that you don’t miss the must see places in Spain.

    3. Find a place to stay

    Having identified the places to visit, you must check out the available places to stay. What if you get lucky with special fares and hotel promotions at a reasonable price with luxurious services? Book a Spain tour package with us and say goodbye to worries.

    4. Find out the perfect time to visit Spain

    Spain being the second largest country in Western Europe is the most mountainous after Switzerland. The winters and spring can be quite chilling, but the summers are very hot. So the months of April, June, September and October are very good for travel.

    5. Don’t plan to see too much of Spain at one time

    Most travellers wish to explore one new city everyday, but they are unaware about the distance between the cities. It is best to discover the cities by staying for at least a minimum of two nights or preferably three. Capture the city in depth and enjoy as you sit at a sidewalk cafe, eating tapas and drinking a glass of wine.

    6. Explore the cuisine of Spain

    Did you know, Spain’s best invention are its tapas? After a survey it is recorded that about many visitors come to Spain for gastronomy. Spain is home to a wide range of unique cuisines and flavours. From a variety of food to choose from, one can eat tapas instead of having lunch or dinner. You just can’t resist stopping in local bars to munch on these small portions of seafood, salads, meat-filled pastries and so much more.

    7. Know all about the Schengen visa

    Booking any Spain holiday is easy today, but time must be allotted for visa, leave application, passports and other necessary travel documents depending on port of embarkation.

    8. Carry enough euros

    While you are on the go, the best way to get Euro is to use an ATM machine. Spain is has ATM machines at every block in the cities. Be sure to contact your bank before using your ATM card in Spain. Find out which all networks your bank is tied to, so that using an ATM machine with the same network will minimise any currency exchange charges. To avoid the cross country rates, carry enough euros with you.

    9. Book a tour package

    Spain holidays are very popular, hence plan to join a tour, especially if you are visiting Spain for the first time. When you see Spain with a group tour, you will manage to see most monuments and cities.

    10. Carry your passport and visa with you at all times

    No matter for how long you plan to step out of the hotel, carry your travel documents with you. You don’t want to get stuck in unwanted, awkward situations.