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    Did you know that you can now get your Dubai Visa and cost-effective services like ‘OK to Board’ at Musafir.com India? Oh, but first, do you know all about OK to Board? Read on to know more.

    Before travelling to UAE (Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi), the Indian citizens need more than just a visa. It is the ‘OK to Board’ – an airline requirement without which the Indian passenger won’t be permitted to board the flight to UAE. There are many doubts, queries and misconceptions about OK to Board among Indian travellers. Thus, here we jot down all the relevant information about OK to Board to provide a crystal-clear knowledge on this subject.

    What is an OK to Board?

    Once you receive a valid UAE visa after applying for a UAE visa, you have to send your visa copy to the airline you have booked your UAE flight ticket with. After rechecking your UAE visa, the airline approves your ticket and marks your flight PNR as OK to Board. Please note that you cannot board a flight if your PNR is not reflecting OK to Board. Thus, Musafir.com India strongly recommends all the passengers travelling to UAE to check their OK to Board status with the respective airline at least 48 hours prior to departure.

    Why is OK to Board so important?

    Due to an increase in fake visas to UAE, many Indian passengers were deported back to India in the past. To minimize the fake visa issues, airlines flying to UAE and the sponsors started re-checking the traveller’s UAE visa and the return airline ticket before the departure to UAE.

    How can I get OK to Board?

    You can simply connect with Musafir.com India visa expert team and get your UAE Visa along with a OK to Board. You have to submit all the required documents for applying for a UAE Visa. Once approved, your visa copy along with your return flight tickets will be sent directly to the respective airline to get OK to Board in your PNR. The airline will rectify your visa and flight tickets and issue OK to Board in your PNR.

    When should I apply for OK to Board?

    Once you receive your UAE Visa from Musafir.com India, simply send us your return flight ticket copy. We will connect with the airline and get the OK to Board. Please ensure that you send all the required documents at least 3 days prior to your scheduled flight to allow the respective airline enough time to update OK to Board in your PNR.

    How can I know about my status on OK to Board?

    Once Musafir.com India team gets an update from the airline on OK to Board status, our visa expert will call you and update you on the same. However, you can also call the respective airline directly to reconfirm your OK to Board status 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure.

    What if my PNR doesn’t reflect OK to Board?

    If your flight ticket is not showing an OK to Board than the airline has the authority to deny entry on the aircraft. In such cases, please contact our visa expert team at 096 9999 1010 to get this problem solved immediately.

    Which airlines require OK to Board?

    All the airlines require OK to Board after applying for UAE Visa. Some of the top airlines that give you OK to Board for free are Jet Airways, Saudi Airlines, Fly Dubai, Emirates and Etihad Airways. Major Indian carriers like SpiceJet, IndiGo and Air India charge a nominal fee for this service. But, if you book with Musafir.com India, you will get it for free!

    Until now, only one airlines has an online application system and it is absolutely free. The process is easy and is as follows -

    Emirates Airlines: In order to get OK to Board from Emirates, you need to fill a form that is easily available on their website and attach a copy of your UAE Visa along with it. The request has to be submitted at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure. An email confirmation by the airline will be sent 8 hours prior to departure. This service is free of cost.

    For other airlines like IndiGo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Eihad Airways, Fly Dubai and Saudi Airlines you have to follow a very simple hassle-free procedure. All you have to do is send your UAE flight PNR to your UAE Visa agent and rest will be taken care of. Once verification is done, passport number and validity, visa number and validity, type of visa and ‘OK to Board’ remark will be added in your reservation PNR.

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