Documentation of Tourist Australia Visa


    The documents, you must have before applying for an Australian visa, are:

    • Application for the Tourist Visa: fill form 1419
    • On the behalf of Australian High Commission, pay a demand draft
    • The photocopies of the passport are needed
    • One photocopy of the birth certificate is required
    • Latest photograph of 45mm x 35mm size
    • The tickets of the journey to Australia are required
    • A small statement of places to be visited in Australia
    • A bank statement showing credit worthiness for the whole trip
    • Past three years income tax return statement copies
    • A valid proof of any investment being done in the home country
    • An original letter from the employer regarding leaves allotted in which the visitor has worked
    • Travel insurance is required


    The steps are extremely simple. Check below:

    • Complete carefully the application form, without any mistake
    • Give your passport details and proper travel information
    • Make the payment
    • After payment, the application will be assessed by the Consular and all the required details will be checked with due diligence
    • At the end, collect your visa

    Points to remember

    These are some points that must be kept in mind while applying for an Australian visa:

    • One thing that you need to keep in mind is the visa type. According to the category you are going to apply for,  the requirements will change.
    • The original documents are required only if the Australian high commission has requested.
    • The consular can anytime demand additional documents needed for further verification.
    • The information provided must be true and up to date, so that no hassle can trouble you during the processing.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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