9 Places to get Free WiFi around the world

  • Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul has the fastest internet speeds in the world, reaching nearly 1.5 gbps. That is nearly 50 percent faster than average speeds in the USA or Europe. Seoul’s internet is affordable too, meaning visitors will find abundant free wi-fi driven by the fast fibre optic connections. Seoul is one of the most well-connected cities on the planet with a government backed map of free Wi-Fi hotspots 10,000 connections strong. Free Wi-Fi zones, marked with a red sign for users, can also be found via a downloadable app.

    Taipei, Taiwan

    TaiwanWith over 5,000 WiFi-enabled hotspots, Taiwan has undubiously established itself has one of the most avant-grade cities that there is. The government has facilitated travellers with a unique facility of registering online for free WiFi even before you head to Taipei. This will give you access to government-sustained WiFi hotspots for a per period of 30 days.

    Helsinki, Finland

    helsinkiFrom the moment you touchdown at the airport to travelling in trams and buses, Helsinki is equipped with a healthy WiFi network, thanks to the WLAN connections. The connection is password-free and works smoothly as well.

    Hong Kong

    hong kongHaving several free WiFi service providers, the free WiFi zones are well-mapped across its area. The main network ‘GovHK’, provided by the government is available across parks, visitor centres, tourist attractions and ferry terminals. If you can flick in a few dollars and buy the tourist sim card, you can add 12,000 more zones to that count. Furthermore, you can connect wirelessly to the internet near the ‘MTR Free Wi-Fi Hotspot’ sign in every MTR station. It is free for up to 15 minutes per session, with a maximum of five sessions for each mobile device per day.

    Perth, Australia

    PerthBy far Australia’s most well-established cities, Perth has installed WiFi hotspots in all its major shopping, eating and coffee shops. This network of WiFi that travels across the length of Perth can be used up to 50mb, or an hour, whichever is occurs first. So to be precise, you will have to re-connect after every hour (or after 50mb of data usage). But who’s complaining, it is complimentary!


    MacauUpping its stature from ‘Vegas of China’ to one of the most technologically-driven countries, Macau has installed WiFi zones across its length and breadth. Although it is available from 8am in the morn to 1am at night, it is available at over 150 places. Labelled as ‘wifigo’, it is available for 45 minutes straight, after which you will have to re-connect.

    Paris, France

    Eiffel Tower, ParisSpanning across the France’s capital city, the ‘Paris Wi-Fi’ network is available at over 200 places including the Paris’ famous landmarks and coffee shops. The session gets timed out after every 2 hours. A map with free WiFi spots is available for your reference.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    tel avivAt Tel Aviv, many tourist places have WiFi hotspots and dubbed under ‘free_tlv’. These spots are installed at many places that congregate many tourists like beaches, park and some attractions. There is plan for more places to be made WiFi friendly.

    New York City, USA

    nyc-usThe city that never sleeps, NYC is plotted with WiFi zones at restaurants, coffee shops, and public parks. Touristy places like Time Square NY and Battery Park ferry terminal. The expansion plans are underway to make it more WiFi savvy.

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