Delta Airlines

    Delta Airlines is the oldest airline operating in the U.S. The airline began its journey in 1924 and continues even today. Delta Airlines is also the second largest airline in the world by revenue.

    Delta Airlines operates from 13 hubs out of which 10 are in the U.S. Three hubs are located in Amsterdam in Denmark, Tokyo in Japan and Paris in France. Delta Airlines hub in Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the largest in the world recording over 1000 departures every day to about 224 destinations throughout the world.

    The IATA code for Delta Airlines is DL. The ICAO code for Delta Airlines is DAL. The Callsign for Delta Airlines is DELTA.

    Delta Airlines is among the few airlines that flies to all continents except Antarctica. It flies to 233 destinations in 57 countries.

    Large Fleet

    Delta Airlines operates a fleet of aircraft manufactured by Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas. A total of 832 aircraft comprises the fleet out of which 639 are owned by the airline and 193 are leased. The airline operates the largest fleet of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas aircraft in the world besides being the largest U.S. airline to operate Airbus aircraft.

    Delta Airlines Onboard Experience

    Delta Airlines has numerous choices for cabin configuration. Delta One is the flagship product offered in business class with flat bed conversion. Premium Select is a premium product in economy. First Class is another cabin offering on select flights and aircraft. Delta Comfort + is an offering that has some more comforts than economy. Main Cabin, basically economy, is the work horse offering on all flights. A Basic Economy class is also offered that is just lower than Main Cabin.

    Delta Airlines Alliances

    Delta Airlines is a founder member of SkyTeam Alliance which comprises 20 airlines operating in five continents. Besides the alliance, Delta Airlines has code share agreements with 21 other airlines.

    Delta Airlines also has joint ventures with Air France-KLM and Alitalia as well as with Virgin Atlantic.  

    Delta Airlines Reward Programs

    Delta Airlines has three kinds of reward programs known as SkyMiles, Sky Club and Sky Bonus.

    SkyMiles is a reward program that awards miles to SkyMiles members every time they fly on Delta Airlines or its over 20 partner airlines including Aeromexico, KLM, Air France and Virgin Atlantic. Reward miles can be exchanged for future travel.

    Sky Clubs offer member several benefits such as free Wi-Fi, food options and complimentary cocktails.

    SkyBonus is a program aimed at corporate clients. A SkyBonus corporate member will earn SkyBonus points every time an official of the corporate travels on Delta Airlines or Alitalia, KLM and Air France. Points can be redeemed for various services in the future.

    Delta Airlines Baggage Allowances

    Delta Airlines has a baggage policy and rules based on a variety of factors such as route and fare class. The general rule for checked baggage and carry-on baggage is as follows:

    Checked baggage allowance is 50 pounds and the size not to exceed 62 inches of the sum of length, breadth and height for economy class fares. For premium class fares the free allowance is 70 pounds and the size not to exceed 62 inches of the sum of length, breadth and height.

    Carry-on baggage is restricted to one per person with size restricted to a maximum of 45 inches of the sum of length, breadth and height. Weight restrictions apply at select routes and airports.

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