Air Vistara

    Vistara, true to its name offers ‘limitless experience’ to all its passengers. Vistara is a full service carrier and a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines. Its hub is in Delhi. Enjoy a seamless flying experience on-board Vistara.

    The IATA code of Vistara is UK.


    Class Vistara
    Economy 15 kg 7 kg 30" seat pitch with 18.1" seat-width 3.5" seat recline Included
    Premium Economy 20 kg 7 kg 33 to 36" seat pitch 4.5" seat recline
    (except for the row with 36" seat pitch)
    Business 30 kg 7 kg 42" seat pitch 42" seat pitch with 7" recline Included

    Vistara commenced its operation from January 9, 2015.

    Vistara Flight Schedules

    Flight Number Origin Destination Departure Time Arrival Time Frequency
    UK889 DEL BLR 06:40 09:30 123456-
    UK889 DEL BLR 07:30 10:15 - - - - - -7
    UK850 BOM BLR 17:15 18:55 1234567
    UK970 DEL LKO 12:00 13:05 1234567
    UK943 DEL BOM 07:25 09:40 1234567
    UK987 DEL BOM 14:55 17:05 1234567
    UK984 DEL BOM 19:55 22:15 1234567
    UK970 DEL BOM 10:50 13:10 - - - - - -7
    UK970 DEL AMD 10:50 12:20 123456-
    UK930 BOM DEL 07:55 10:05 1234567
    UK952 BOM DEL 10:20 12:30 1234567
    UK996 BOM DEL 17:45 20:00 1234567
    UK980 BOM AMD 15:45 16:55 1234567
    UK980 AMD DEL 17:35 19:05 1234567
    UK970 AMD BOM 13:10 14:20 123456-
    Frequency: 1- Monday, 2- Tuesday, 3- Wednesday, 4- Thursday, 5-Friday, 6- Saturday and 7- Sunday.

    Note : All Mumbai departures are from International Airport terminal T2

    In-flight delight

    Treat your taste buds with special culinary delights offered on-board. Business class passengers are in for a superior dining experience with bone china tableware and fine linens. Premium economy and Economy Class passengers will also be served from a wholesome food and beverages menu.

    Check-in experience

    Check-in counter will close 45 minutes before the scheduled departure and passengers are expected to be present at the boarding gate 25 minutes prior to the departure time. Various options available for check-in are as follows:

    Vistara Web check-in

    Web check-in is available from 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure. If you are travelling with luggage, then it is required that you remain present at the check-in counter at least 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

    Airport check-in

    At the airport, Vistara offers dedicated counters for Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class. Additionally, there is also a separate counter for passengers who have already checked-in and are waiting to only process their luggage.

    Return check-in

    For those returning with Vistara within 48 hours of their originating departure, the airline provides the boarding pass for their return flight as well.

    Vistara Auto check-in

    Auto check-in is a unique feature that automatically checks-in for those passengers who haven’t been able to check-in 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. The boarding pass is sent through an SMS or e-mail. Effectively, bookings with no phone number and e-mail cannot avail this facility. However, please note that this feature is available on selected flight bookings only.

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