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    There are a considerate number of flights operating between these destinations. When you plan a trip, the flight tickets come as the prime concern. It is advisable to book flights online. You can compare the fares of the airlines flying on that particular route, and book the cheapest flight ticket available. You can also avail the feature of web check- in..

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    About Chennai

    Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, was once called as Madras. A place of warm people and an enthusiastic culture, Chennai makes the visitors want to stay longer. There are a number of beaches in this city, and the waters are pretty clear. Marina beach is one of the popular beaches in Chennai. There are quite a few places you can choose to visit in Chennai, like the Fishing Harbour, the Government Museum, Fort St. George, and other local places.

    About the airport for Chennai flights

    Located to the south of Chennai some 7 kms, the Chennai International Airport stands in service of this city. It handles both domestic and international flights. It has two main terminals for domestic and international flights. Terminal 1 is for domestic flights and Terminal 2 is for international flights.

    Chennai airport address

    Chennai International Airport GST Road, Meenambakkam , Tamil Nadu :600027 Phone : 0442256055

    About Colombo

    Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo, is a place that has beaches in abundance. Its cityscape reflects the influence of the Portuguese, Dutch, and British through its architecture, food, and history. When in Colombo, do visit the National Museum of Colombo, Beira Lake, Town Hall, Lavinia beach, and the other beaches.

    About the airport for Colombo flights

    Sri Lanka’s main international airport is Bandaranaike International airport. It is located 22 miles to the north of the capital in Negombo, a suburb that is. It has 3 passenger terminals. Terminal 1 manages the international flights, and Terminal 2 is under construction. Terminal 3 handles the domestic flights.

    Colombo airport address

    Bandaranaike International Airport Canada Friendship Rd, Katunayake : 11450 Phone : +94112252861

    What is the frequency of flights from Chennai to Colombo?

    The frequency of flights flying from Chennai to Colombo is quite high. There are about 68 flights flying from Chennai to Colombo weekly.

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