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    On a bad day at work, we are often forced to think, if all this dedication is worth it! On such a day, we sometimes couldn’t help but think what if we could simply hop on an international flight and reach the destination of our dreams? What if, even for as little as a week’s time we could go to a far-away city and explore its many nuances. Well, you can now push the ‘what if’ out of the equation and do exactly as your heart wishes. With international flights tickets getting cheaper, all you need to do is search the web to avail cheap international flights and voila you can embark upon your sojourn!

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    About Coimbatore

    Situated on the banks of the magnificent Noyyal River, Coimbatore is renowned for its cotton production and textile industries and has earned the title of "Manchester of South India". With a population exceeding 3.5 million, it is the second most populous city in the state of Tamil Nadu.

    About the Airport for Coimbatore Flights

    Located at a convenient distance of about 13 kms from the city, the Coimbatore International Airport hosts as many as 1.5 million passengers annually.

    Coimbatore Airport Address

    Coimbatore International Airport Avinashi Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641014

    About Dubai

    A bustling metropolitan city, Dubai is well known for its plush shopping experiences, sweeping contemporary architecture and an exuberant nightlife. This city never fails to impress its visitors, thanks to its impressive skyline, brimming entertainment scenario, and opulent lifestyle.

    About the Airport for Dubai Flights

    Ranking as the world’s busiest airports with respect to passenger traffic, the Dubai International Airports serves upwards of 80 million passengers annually. Extending employment to 900,000 people the airport contributes a whopping 27% to GDP of United Arab Emirates.

    Dubai Airport Address

    Dubai International Airport Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    What is the frequency of flights from Coimbatore to Dubai?

    With a total of 5 weekly flights from Coimbatore to Dubai, the frequency is less than what one would hope for!

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