Reasons for Canada Visa Rejection

    For any traveller who wishes to be granted a temporary visa to visit Canada, it is more than important for him/her to meet all the criterion laid down by the immigration authorities of the country. In majority of cases, the applicants can conveniently obtain the visa, however, in some cases the concerned authorities many refuse the grant of the visa. Let us examine the reasons for such refusals.

    1. To begin with, in case the applicant is found to be inadmissible, or he doesn’t meet all the visa conditions, chances are that he/she will be denied the Canada Visa. Also, if the candidate is unable to meet the visa conditions, or doesn’t satisfactorily prove the fact that he/she will leave Canada once the period of the intended stay is over, the visa will be refused.
    2. In case if the candidate has travelled to Canada previously, and the requisite conditions weren’t met or has a history of violating the immigration laws, or other laws of the land, the visa application is likely to be rejected.
    3. If the candidate doesn’t have any strong ties in his/her country of residence, that will encourage him/her to return back after his designated period of stay, he/she might be denied the Canada Visa for Indians. This also stands true for candidates who do not have a dependable source of income in his/her own country.
    4. If the applicant’s family circumstances are such that he will be encouraged to stay back in Canada, his visitor visa application may be rejected.
    5. If the purpose for travelling to Canada isn’t mentioned clearly, or the same isn’t credible, the visa application can be rejected by the officials.
    6. If the financial capacity of the applicant isn’t enough to support his expenses for the duration of stay in Canada, the application might be turned down.
    7. And finally, applicants who fail to submit their documents in full, complete with a duly filled visa application form, as well as a covering letter are not granted Canada Visa online.

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